M had a productive day today and is 100% back to normal. I came home and he was outside talking to one of the cats and prepping the Traeger for its maiden journey with food inside. We went simple and cheap – hamburgers. Typically I am the picky eater who does not like bbq hamburgers at home. They are either burnt/dry or just this side of acceptably cooked and soaking the bun and dripping all over the place. However, M thought ahead and bought a few different burger seasonings to try and add some flavorful oomph to the meat. We fired it up and gave it a whirl.

Honestly, the best burger I’ve had off a grill. Probably ever. We have tried various other mixtures and things previously, and they have been good but not my enthusiastic favorite. It was a tiny bit dry – next time we’ll do 11 minutes instead of 12 and see what happens – but with cheese and mustard it was about perfect. I will not brace myself to avoid the frowny face in the future when we’re doing burgers.

M is definitely ready to try chicken tomorrow night; it’s already defrosting and will start marinating in the morning.

Our summer plans are definitely shaping up to cooking and grilling outside this summer. We have a long list of recipes to try and new side dishes to go with them. K and G have shared different things they have liked, so our recipe list is expanding. M does not like charcoal or propane, says he can taste it in the food, which up until now I thought was part of the point of bbq. He wants the smokey wood flavor, and it does make a difference. Finally we have it. Summer cooking just got a whole lot more interesting.

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