From the 1994 movie “Renaissance Man” comes one of only two or three movie quotes I can ever recall:

The choices we make dictate the life we lead ….

I am thinking of that this morning because both my young friend and my daughter are starting new, significant, life-altering jobs on Monday morning. My young friend her first full-time, career-oriented position, and my daughter a 60% job with the most prestigious and well known veterinary medicine facility in our part of the state. One is a child by birth, the other I consider my child by choice. Both have worked hard a paid a lot of dues to get here, and I am enormously proud of each of them. They are defining their own success and achieving it.

Because this is mother’s day weekend coupled with everyone working or traveling or having commitments with others, M and I have no special plans. I am truly fine with it, because mother’s day has never been an occasion I celebrate or feel disappointment if I am not celebrated. Truth be told I feel loved and appreciated by my children all days of every year. Even when they make me crazy with worry or frustration. Even on the (extremely rare) occasions we are mad at each other. We are famiy, this Sunday and every other day of every year, and I am lucky to have them.

But because of the weekend and the other commitments, there is no time to celebrate these new opportunities. Instead we are planning for next weekend, when G and K will have other friends visiting (and bringing them along) and my young friend and her boyfriend are entertining/hosting his brother (bring him too – eat well, be merry). Hopefully it all comes together; these are events to be celebrated and both ladies deserve to be feted for their accomplishments.

This weekend  for us … yet more decluttering. Thoroughly cleaning my car inside and out. Putting together some patio furnishings we bought last year (basically unbox and set up). More grilling, because that’s how we eat these days, and our new grills are still shiney new toys that produce amazing-tasting food. Long walk with my neighbor and perhaps having them over to eat grilled meats with us. Probably some shopping – we are on the hunt for knives, one of those purchases we search for, get frustrated and table, then start up again a few months later. Maybe the farmers market – cherries are sprouting up in the market, so hopefully the FM will have them as well. And a couple of new projects from my part-time jobs. A busy weekend, for sure.

Happy Friday everyone!

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