When I think about Mother’s Day, I always say a silent prayer of thanks for my fantastic kids. Comparatively speaking, they were easy kids to raise and to parent. There were no serious issues while they were growing up, and even now they have relatively minor health problems (C has both asthma and mild depression, easily treated/controlled with low doses of medication). They have both grown up into caring, compassionate people and responsible citizens. Of all the strides I have made in overcoming my own childhood traumas and the accomplishments I have achieved, nothing compares or satisfies me more than seeing my kids healthy, happy, and succeeding in their own lives.

Last weekend I was duly feted and celebrated for my birthday, all of which was greatly appreciated. My expectations for Mother’s Day have always been and remain low, because I feel loved and appreciated by my kids every day of every year thus far. There are other women in their lives that deserve or expect the recognition of this day, and I make way for them to invest their time without guilt or feeling harried to include me on the celebratory circuit. There will be a phone call or perhaps a text, which is more than sufficient.

Our relationships are so much closer, affectionate, and interactive than anything I ever had with my own parents, and I do not take the priority we all give to maintaining our closeness for granted. While I never want or expect to be their best friends, knowing I am in the top 5 of people they call/text with good news or when they need help is gratifying. Monthly family dinner remains a thing with us, and I look forward to and genuinely savor the time we spend together. I would not ask for more.

To all the moms and mom-like figures to someone out there reading, our best wishes today for a happy and peaceful Sunday celebrating all you are to and all you do for your families. Happy Mother’s Day!

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