A bunch of little snippets on my mind tonight while I wait. For M to finish grilling tonight’s dinner. For a phone call back to clarify a few things from one of my part-time gigs (he’s down under so I can be patient).

  • C’s new job – She started last Monday and likes it a lot thus far. The politics and policies of this organization are night and day in the best possible ways from her prior hospitals and the training, learning names, where things are stored, etc. is going very well. This is her final week of days, and then there will be two weeks of weekday graveyards before she moves into her permanent weekend overnights. The perks of being in a state-backed organization are pretty awesome, everything from supplied uniform scrubs (11 sets!) plus laundry and maintenance of said uniform scrubs to a better medical plan that requests a $6 contribution per paycheck (or $156 per year). This combined with a weekend only plus one shift per week schedule and virtually no loss of income from her prior job leaves her feeling relaxed and happier about work than I have seen in years.
  • Young Friend – There are multiples of good news from this front. She also started a new, full-time, full benefits, career-oriented position last Monday, and our phone conversations and texts last week were bubbling over with happy happy joy joy type excitement. The training is going well – so much to learn – but she is thriving on the challenge of absorbing everything and staying focused while there. She also surprised us by announcing she had taken and passed her behind the wheel driving test on the first try. A car and insurance are still several months away, but she’s delighted to at least be able to drive her boyfriend’s car by herself on occasion. Her new housing situation is also going well. The roommates are kind and courteous thus far, something we all hope continues.
  • G and K – They have been entertaining out of town guests and all is quiet from them. G is waiting to hear back about a different job as well, so I am pacing myself for the wait for news.
  • The treadmill desk – I have not yet fallen off of it, which in itself is a major accomplishment. My productivity is not soaring and stellar, but I am finding a rhythm to inputting numbers, writing, running reports, and all the things I do for my part-time jobs as well as some work-at-home work for my full-time job. Writing with a pen while walking is not happening, so when I am signing checks or having to write something, anything, I stop the treadmill belt and stand at my desk. Sometimes I just stand and do quick tasks as well, rather than start and stop 15 times in 20 minutes. Overall, I have zero regrets about it. I am still learning and adjusting to this new way of working, but I have to say that the 10,000 steps I strive for each day is doing wonders for my overall mental outlook and mood. I am not entering into any cardiovascular fitness zone – my heart rate monitor barely nudges 55% after 90 minutes of continuous walking at 1.2 mph and working – but I feel better and have actually had to reduce my insulin intake in the evenings. My other choices were eat more before bed or wake up crashing in the middle of the night and eat more at that time. These are very good things.
  • Master financial plan, wills and trust – My conversation with the financial planner was very positive and I am feeling optimistic about our financial future (i.e., no competing with the fluffbuckets for cat food in our older and grayer years). Just as an aside we chatted by phone and online, where I could see him as wells as our investment portfolio, and I figured I got the youngest and handsomest CFP in the group. Not a bad thing at all, because he’s my son’s age and very nice, very professional as well. Our attorney is also a young guy – about 32 by our calculations – but I like and am comfortable with both. I feel like they may still be around to help us when we are truly doddering old people. CFP and I are conversing again on 5/29 at 6:45. In the morning. (Yes, I am crazy.), He will be sending me the plan he has devised for review prior to our call. The attorney also has sent some additional documents to review, sign, and return to finalize our trust, and I have been procrastinating. I hate actually having to go into the bank to do things; so much simpler online or by phone. Ah well. I’ll put on my big girl panties and get it done. Soon.
  • We still be grilling – The love affair with our Traeger continues, and we have been either grilling meats and vegetables for dinner every night or eating leftovers from a previous grill night. It has been an uneven adventure – we are not fans of rubbery chicken – and have a couple of times been eating dinner at close to 10 p.m. because M’s experiments backfired and had to be corrected with higher temperatures or longer cooking periods than the recipe suggested. Add to this M being on some crazed athlete diet (mostly protein, virtually no carbs and definitely no sugar) and dinners have been interesting. It’s an adventure we are in together, though, and he understands when I cannot wait and end up eating a sandwich or opening a can of soup instead. We are learning.

And with that I am off. The burgers are done (and smell delicious) so I am going to eat it while its hot. And before 7 p.m. Like normal people, even.

Happy Monday everyone!

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