Yesterday’s mail brought notice of alleged code violations from our county officials. We have 15 days to correct the problem or be cited. Our crime against humanity? M’s project car sitting in the middle of our front yard. It also has no grass and is a simple pile of dirt, so we are expecting yet another nasty gram about that as well.


I have been asking M to move the *$!# project car for weeks. Just like I have been asking him to figure out a solution for the back deck and stairs leading to the pool deck. But seriously, moving the project car is a much bigger deal, because it’s an eyesore. He needs assistance to get it pulled into the side yard to be stored and has been reluctant or too focused on other things to make it happen. While I am happy it’s finally going to get put away, neither of us are happy about the courtesy code violation notice. We are generally law-abiding citizens and it bugs the crap out of me that this was in our mailbox. With this piece of dynamite lit under his ass, M should get done on or before this weekend. Edit: he called a friend and the two of them are doing it tonight. In the dark. I am bracing myself for a visit from the sheriff with a noise complaint.

Is it coincidence that I was mulling a post about our neighbors? Or did I sense this was waiting for me in the mailbox? Maybe I am turning psychic and developing a sixth sense for ignoring rules. My minor irritation with our elderly neighbors has now been thrust to the forefront.

We are friendly with most of our neighbors. I walk every weekend with our immediate next door neighbor and we chat and catch up. This morning she had emailed me about some gossip heard from the neighbor on her other side. They too are nice people – probably nicer to our elderly neighbors than M and I are these days – and the husband helps out the widow a couple of houses down on the other side of us. The one who complained about the jackhammering while we were installing the new concrete.

Anyway, she told them that we are not very neighborly or friendly and are vandalizing the sprinkler system at the empty home next door. The landscaper taking care of the house told her that she had fixed the sprinkler timer and it kept getting un-fixed, likely by us, or more specifically M. I think I saw red when I read that in the email, then considered the source and calmed down.

The landscaper engaged to maintain that property is not doing a very good job of it and has left the sprinklers running on more than one occasion, flooding our yard. M has spoken to the elderly woman’s son about it, and he (the son) told M to just turn them off when it happened again. This was last month sometime. He came out a few weekends ago and inspected the broker sprinkler head and disconnected the time. He was supposed to ask the landscaper to adjust the timer and fix the broken piece so it was not watering our concrete and lower yard rather than her garden. Guess what? Landscaper did not do that at all, but reported back to the son that she did. The night after her visit, our concrete was soaked, the lower yard flooded, and the sprinkers back on all night long. M wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but he did take photos with his phone and emailed them to the homeowner’s son. When it happened the next night, M hopped the fence, turned off the sprinkler system, and emailed the son details of what he had done. Son came by the next weekend and asked M to help him repair the broken sprinkler and then the two of them worked out the timing system. Problem resolved, we thought.

That was a couple of weeks ago. The landscaper lady was by sometime last week and immediately after her visit the sprinklers are going off and again all night long. We are in a drought. There are very specific water restrictions going on, and yet this empty home has sprinklers on all night long. M emailed the son last Friday, he came out on Saturday and turned off the sprinkler system completely and then put a lock on the box to keep it that way. He apologized for the inconvenience, which we appreciated. M opined, being pretty pisssed off at the useless landscape lady at this point, that she was not very good or efficient at her job.

Widow neighbor on the other side told the son and our other neighbor that the landscape lady told her that we, specifically M, was turning them on to make the landscape lady look bad.


We love our neighborhood, and we actually like our saner neighbors. There are a few older, lonely couples/people who have far too much time on their hands and need to inject some drama into their lives, so they pull crap like this. If we were the only ones it had ever happened to I would be a lot more concerned, but every one of my more sane and normal neighbors has at least one story of being reported or gossiped about by the elderly who need some excitement. The neighbor’s son is a nice, laid-back guy, and he appreciates all we do and have done for his mother. Unfortunately his sister in Connecticut and his mother in assisted living are the ones wearing the pants as far as the services at the house, so he has no authority to fire the landscaper. He knows she’s not very good and taking advantage of the situation, but she is an old friend of his mother’s and his sister does not want to upset their mother from 3000 miles away.

So, there you have it. In an effort to be completely transparent on my blog,you now know we have violated county ordinances by leaving an old car in the front dirt patch and now been accused of wasting water. I may actually lose followers on this with my checkered history now exposed. Oh the horror!

2 thoughts on “We are practically criminals!

  1. Tut tut, lol. Look on the bright side– your husband was galvanized into action, and all your nice neighbors know who the troublemakers are (they actually did you a favor with the car) and will consider the source when any gossip arises.

    1. All true, Joan. We already knew about the tall tale grapevine running through our neighbors, so this too shall pass. It’s nice to look out and see the dirt where grass used to live.

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