Came home from a very bad day to find M on the telephone, apologizing to the security system representative for his earlier meltdown as well as adjusting our protocols to the lesser stringent one I had wanted in the beginning. There are times when he does something that has that “men are idiots and I married their king” thought flittering through my mind, but most of the time he is able to recover and repair the situation. No one is perfect, and I am grateful the thought flitters in and out quickly when it happens.

After that, I crashed hard for a 90 minute nap. The negative storms of my day were just exhausting, and it was a relief to escape them completely for a time. Experience says I will not be sleeping for several more hours now, though, so there is that tradeoff as well. It could be so much worse.

We ate out tonight, the day’s events rendering M unable to prepare dinner and me simply not in any mood to try. Dickeys BBQ, our version of fast food, to the rescue. The kids at our local establishment greet us with an easy familiarity, because we still eat there regularly though far less frequently than our weekly patronage at it peak. A smokehouse salad for me (since they were out of my favorite – beef and cheese baked potato) and beef brisket for M. Yummy stuff.

Part-time boss #2 must have sensed that I was tearing my hair out with other problems today because he sent me a very complimentary thank you for handling an issue at his home with his alarm system. Since he is away for the next several weeks I get the calls when something goes wonky over there, and while I had not given the matter a second thought – he does pay me pretty well to pick up the telephone and have a 2 minute conversation about it – I appreciate his acknowledgement and appreciation.

I also had my first extended wedding planning phone call with my daughter this night. I say “wedding planning” rather loosely because it was less about wedding planning than it was about the timetable for home purchase and how that could impact the wedding and wedding planning. C really wants to buy their home before getting married, and she has been reading up on the home buying/mortgage preapproval process as part of their advance prep. My daughter can be very disciplined about goals, and they plan to seek out mortgage preapproval in December and start looking in January. Their timing relates to completing the probation at her new job and whether or not A has advanced and passed the probationary period his career ladder. Assuming all falls into place in the first quarter of next year, they would get set the date and get married just after closing on their home.

Complicating planning, yes, but there is a definite method to their madness. Either way, she is hoping for a spring wedding. She tells me this so I have a timetable to base my own health and wells goals upon, because I want to be at least 20 lbs. lighter in pictures. Mostly I think she wanted to test drive her explanation for the wedding timetable for the next event with A’s extended family. Thanksgiving marks 2 years of their engagement. M and I are very laissez faire about it, A’s mother and stepfather are migrating to that place of acceptance, but there are grandparents and great aunts who very loudly wonder how much longer before they have the ceremony and reception.

Today’s awfulness has a silver lining, as most things usually do if I look hard enough. I have a bunch of new ideas for future posts. Some came from my voracious blog reading today (to get myself distracted and calm to stare down the dragons outside my door and ringing in on the phones) and comments I made or read that got me thinking. My “future posts” draft has quite a lengthy list.

And with that, balance is mostly restored. I am wide awake when I should be starting to get that sleepy, winding down feeling. Ah well. Resetting my sleep patterns is generally pretty painless.

4 thoughts on “Balance (mostly) restored

    1. I rarely get truly angry, particularly in work situations, and I find it exhausting. Not cooking after we have been cooking at eating the majority our meals at home is a relief.

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