Advance warning: this is not my usual light-and-fluffy upbeat post. I always hope every day was a good day. Or at least a not quite as shitty as the shitty days. Stuff happens, though, and my workday has been vividly unpleasant. I hate when this happens.

First my admin and the dreaded phrase (see prior post for the full details). Then our newest coworker is out in the field and has not gained a complete understanding how engaging subcontractors work around here, resulting in a phone call from a vendor and said admin going all snarley snarky and type A bitchy on me, on our coworker, the vendor, and escalating my irritation with her into full-on “get out of my office so I do not start screaming obscenities at you” type of anger. Once the vendor admin pot-stirred an extremely alarmed and agitated state was calmed and payment agreements were resolved by me, I cooled enough to take her to task on it in a professional manner, but my remarks were not buffered or softened or even diplomatic. They were harsh, they were hard, and they were explicitly descriptive in her failings and bullying of both our coworker and the vendor. She was as duly chastised and fearful of my anger as she gets, knowing that the bosses are tender hearts and will probably not fire her. Of course, it has been a few years since she angered me to this degree. The boss was also in the office this morning and overhead much of her exchange with the vendor, the coworker, and then the dumping the whole mess into my lap. Not a good day to be her, for sure.

Progress to the afternoon and the same newest coworker calls me from the small city office where he working and trying to amend our permit to complete the work. Small city has no record of our licensure, even though I am staring at the paperwork issued by them. I offer to fax it or scan and email it, since they seem to have no record of it; she refuses to believe that paperwork exists. I patiently explain that I am looking at it, completely with official number and expiration date through June 30, 2015. She becomes more and more upset with my polite insistence that we have the paperwork, and her upset finally forces me to request transfer to someone higher up the food chain. Supervisor is able to resolve the matter, find us in their system in less than a minute, and apologizes for the confusion. I am relieved, assure her all is well, and hang up thinking something went right. Until it did not.

Five minutes later coworker is back on the phone, this time looking for other paperwork that is in the client file. Same clerk, different issue, same inability to get my coworker’s business with the city concluded. I email the disputed copy to him and suggest he request that supervisor oversee this transaction, because seriously, I was so done with this incompetence. Plus I am the only person in the office today, answering the phone, signing for packages, dealing with business and client-related issues of my own.

I am happy to report that coworker was able to get his permits updated and extended and back to the job. I am less happy to hear that the situation caused the faltering clerk to burst into tears when her supervisor took over. Maybe she was having a really bad day, and it is truly not our problem, but I feel poorly about it. My bad mood is being infused in all my interactions.

Then … THEN … our home alarm company calls me while I am on the other phone and cannot answer my cell. Then they call again, because M has set the alarm off and cannot recall the security passcode. I assure them that yes, that is my husband and all is well, and give them the security code to reset our system. M calls me back after that to rant and rave about the settings of the system and how he bitched out the CSR for doing their jobs and how he just drew a blank on the password (that he selected and is the easiest thing for both of us to recall, until we can’t). He had just gotten back from a 16 mile run and was not in his right mind, etc., etc., etc. I am completely unsympathetic and tell him (very testily) that he should stop and think about his asshat tendency before going ballistic on some poor woman just doing her job. I reminded him that HE was the one who insisted upon the stricter protocols in place and she was just doing her job in following them. By the end of our phone call he was appropriately ashamed of himself and his asshattery and thankful that our pest service was ringing the doorbell to gain access to the back yard, because I forgot they were coming and failed to leave the gates unlocked. Trust there will be further discussions on this when I get home tonight.

With that I am calling it a day, before something else happens that engages my hair-trigger temper today. Ugh. I feel like some cloud full of negative vibes are surrounding and trying to smother me.

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