M tells me this morning that we have last-minute guests arriving tonight. I say “tells” but in actuality it was a deniable request, as in “so and so are coming in to train this weekend and their lodging arrangements fell through … can I offer them our guest room?” Of course I say yes. I have (briefly) met this couple and found them very nice, plus they have no special dietary needs – both are hearty beef/chicken/fish eaters – and they will be out running most of the weekend. It will be fine. Except I will be grocery shopping at lunch today and helping M with a speed clean tonight after work. Fortunately our house has been far messier and it really not bad; just cleaning the public bathroom (which I would do anytime I know we are having people over) and ensuring the guest bedroom is made up.

For whatever reason, I feel absolutely no anxiety about this last-minute decision. These are very nice people and our home is clean enough and comfortable. They are very grateful and appreciative of our offering them a place to crash.

What this means for me and weekend plans I’m not really sure. M was planning to run both days anyway – it’s a big weekend in the trail running world – and we were planning to grill and have assorted friends over for a meal on Monday anyway. I must admit to looking forward to having the house to myself during the weekend days. I can deconstruct and reorganize my sections in the garage, a task that has been on my to-do list for weeks. The deck is also in my sights, especially now since we have people coming over and such. Who knows – I may find myself a lounge chair and be on the pool deck while M and our guests are out running all day. Unlikely, but hey, it could happen.

Yesterday’s events and blog reading/commenting sparked a bunch of thoughts, ideas, blog posts brewing. I have to give it some more thought, but I have a tentative plan to write a series on the “story of us” – meaning M and I – from our earliest days and through the dark time of separation and overcoming that. There are so many things on so many other blogs where circumstances are different but the fallout from choices made, actions taken are eerily similar. I no longer obsess over that period, because time calms and heals, but there is no doubt it has a profound impact upon both of us and the work we did contributed to our success as a couple now.

So many loose ends today. Off to grocery shop, now that the list seems about complete. I figured distracting myself by writing this post would make all those ingredients and pantry items needed come into focus to add to my list before I get to the grocery story. I hate that I cannot focus and remember all the little details when I am trying to pull something together on the fly. The minute I turn my attention to other matters, though, they immediately pop into my mind.

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