5/23/2015 - How I felt upon finding THE dining table.
5/23/2015 – How I felt upon finding THE dining table.

Anyone who knows me know I am kind of a geeky girl, only probably not as lightning-fast as the really smart nerdy women I know and admire so much. But I do aspire to be that level of geekette; everyone needs a goal, right?

5/23/2015 - How I felt when I measured and realized FOR SURE the 6 foot round table would fit.
5/23/2015 – How I felt when I measured and realized FOR SURE the 6 foot round table would fit.

What most people probably do not know, because it has been a loosely guarded secret: I am a big fan of the old Batman TV series. Yes, it’s true. That campy old television show is a favorite from childhood. I even had a summer nightgown with Batman and Robin screened along the hem, and I cried when little girl me realized I could no longer fit into it, so much so that my mom kept it. A couple of years back when I was going through all her stuff I found it tucked away in an old suitcase full of clothes that had not seen the light of day in several decades. It was old, tattered, faded and torn, but you could still faintly make out the caped crusader and his trusty sidekick. It was the only time I cried after my mom’s passing.

I didn’t keep it, although M urged me to do so. It was really just an old rag, and I am not a sentimental person. I do not need that piece of cloth to remember sitting in front of the television and watching every week, but it touched me that my mom kept it all these years.

Yesterday after the furniture store C and I also went to Hobby Lobby in search of picture frames. I have not been in there since Christmas time, so it was a fun adventure to wander around and look at everything on the shelves. I spotted this laying with some fabric flowers and immediately had to have it.

5/23/2015 - Closet Batman fan revealed!
5/23/2015 – Closet Batman fan revealed!

Now, to figure out where to hang these bad boys and tie them together with the gorgeous dining room table and chairs I am besotted with. (M and I are going to look at it together tomorrow after our guests depart for home. I am going to be sad to see them leave, because it has been fun having them here and getting to know them better.)

M loves these little tin pieces of “art.” At 50% off (or $40 with the Superman one I got specifically for M) it was not a huge investment for something that will continue to make us smile for years and years to come. We at yet have no idea where to display them, but the 3 Batman-related will find somewhere in our home, the Superman will be hung proudly over the entrance to the little house (aka M’s eventual man cave). Possibly the laundry room – after all, Batman should feel right at home with Hansel and Gretel (our washer and dryer).

Somewhere in the kitchen cabinet is a Rocketeer cup from a pizza hut kids meal when G was 3 and going to the office with me to work late while his sister’s did a sleepover with friends. Yes, we are all kinds of crazy over here.

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