M and I have been hosting a couple from NY states this weekend. It is always a bit of a crap-shoot when inviting people you have not known an extended period to stay for the weekend, but we do so and thus far it has turned out very well. This couple are both lovely people to be around and absolutely perfect guests. I did have scary hair on Friday, but fortunately wearing a cap in the office all day is perfectly normal, acceptable behavior at my firm. This was entirely my fault – suddenly there were 3 people in line to shower and get out to run when I normally have the entire hot water tank all to myself. It has been a pleasure hosting them.

They have been up, showering, and gone from the house by 6:30 each morning, not returning until late afternoon. Then we grill food, soak in the spa, eat, laugh, talk … in some haphazard order. M and our guests are wiped out and asleep by 9. This has been a boon of free time on the weekend for me. Yesterday I organized my half of the garage and then went furniture shopping with my daughter. I really didn’t mean to do it, but I think I have found the dining room table and chairs. The challenge is not the cost (budgeted funds sitting in savings) but getting M to love it, too. Our tastes are different (putting it mildly!), the set is not cheap ($2800 for table 4 chairs, probably another $1000 for the additional 4 chairs I want), and it will require rearranging the furniture to fit. My baseline for anxiety is the 2 years it took for us to agree upon a couch, but we have had better luck with recent purchases. I’ll keep you posted.

Today I’m having a second cup of coffee and enjoying a lovely Sunday morning. M and our guests are likely out on the trails already, so it’s another day of having the house to myself. My neighbor and I will be leaving on our Sunday urban hike through the neighborhood. Since my decluttering space – the guest room – is currently occupied, I will probably wash and wax my car and the local self-serve car wash. In this time of water restrictions, it seems like bad form to wash your car in the driveway, especially with my gossiping neighbors.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend. Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Weekend and our guests

  1. They sound like the perfect type of guests, LOL. Glad it is all going well and you are getting your alone time. I could sure use some of that kind of time.

    1. I know! An entire weekend plus a half day tomorrow is like a Disneyland vacation. Love M to pieces, but he’s really happy going up and being with his running peeps and I’m having so much fun on my own … it’s a win all around.

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