My friend called on her way home from dinner with her boyfriend and meeting his children.

One of the 10 year olds opened the door for her. He looked at her long and hard, shook her hand, responded to her introduction by introducing himself, and then when his dad walks up says in a completely serious tone …

“Dad, did you know B is black?”

Out of the mouths of babes.

B says she doubled over with laughter, he was so utterly serious. His father was both embarrassed and greatly amused as well. The weirdest thing to B – her boyfriend and his sons are black.

Over dinner the boys explained that there were a couple of nice single ladies at their dad’s work they thought he should pursue – one was blond with blue eyes and the other was a redhead – but dad said he did not date coworkers. The other 10 year old offered that B is “very nice and pretty, too.” She accepted the compliments graciously, especially since her boyfriend was about turning blue with the turn of conversation.

Overall the evening was a complete success. No going down in flames this go-round.

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