The best laid plans are thwarted by technology.

I had a phone appointment this morning at 6:45 with our new investment advisor. I was all set – had been up since 5 and exercised, showered, dressed, even combed my hair. The planning paperwork with the proposed adjustments was printed out and had my notes in the margins for things I wanted to discuss with him. My 6:40 alarm went off and I logged in, so I would be ready to roll as soon as he called.

Except my phone didn’t ring.

While I waiting I was reading the news and blogs I follow, going through my email that came in overnight, checking our bank accounts and credit cards. My phone was sitting right next to me, and I was keeping an eye on the computer clock. When 15 minutes had passed and still no phone call, I thought about the ring, maybe it was off. I checked and it was on, which is when I noticed that I had 3 missed calls and 3 voice messages – all from my advisor, the last one at 6:57 telling me he was sorry to have missed me and to please call and reschedule for another time.

I am so embarrassed – I never miss appointments without good reason. I was also perplexed as to why it had not rung, and then I remembered my do not disturb settings. Because of my position at my full-time job, I am one of the emergency call numbers. There was a time when we routinely got emergency calls several late nights and early mornings each week, but since all I am going to do is contact someone else, I had started putting my phone on DND. No one other than M’s or the kids’ cells will ring my phone between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Sure enough, that’s what tripped me up. I thought I had adjusted it to 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., but no, it was still on an 11-7 schedule.

So I called and rescheduled for June 10, again at 6:45 a.m. At the same time I adjusted my DND settings on my phone, so for sure next time it would ring, I would answer. I will be relieved when this order of business is off my to-do for at least another several months until our next check-in conference. I’m embarrassed for obvious reasons – I am not a flake like that and we are just getting to know one another and it feels like I’m getting off on the wrong foot – and a little frustrated with myself because I’m eager to get this important task done so I can cease thinking about and checking our retirement and investment account balances daily. I hate checking it every day, yet I find myself doing just that – obsessively. Once I have green-lighted the changes with my new guy, I will go back to looking at the statements each month and know that I have someone to call if I feel uneasy or have questions. We are fine with paying his fee for the peace of mind having an advisor gives us. It’s not that I lack the ability to educate myself and get down into the weeds about investing, but I seem to lack the arms-length ability to make decisions and cease second-guessing myself and my decisions. The advisor gives me a sense of security and banishes those visions of retirement meals featuring fluffbucket food from my head.

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