Our new dining room set was to be delivered today, our window was between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. The doorbell rang at 1:45, and they were here with our stuff! Well, part of our stuff, anyway; 4 of the 8 chairs were backordered and would be delivered in a couple of weeks. I didn’t care. The table and 4 of the chairs were here, so there was much to be happy about.

Until there wasn’t. Until we had to reject the table and decided it was too uncertain to keep the chairs without a table. It was so sad. It fit perfectly and looked fantastic in our dining room.

What happened, you ask? The table looked perfect. The base, the top, everything about it looked fantastic. Only problem was the 2 of the 4 holes on the tabletop did not align with 2 of the 4 holes on the base. They tried rotating it – just in case it was keyed in some specific way – but every way they tried 2 holes were not aligning to allow the bolts to be screwed in and the tabletop secured. When the delivery guy said the only way to make it work would be to enlarge the hole in the base, M stepped right up and said there is no way we would accept a table requiring them to DRILL HOLES in the base to make the top secure. At the time we were mostly indignant at the idea of a $2000 table not fitting together correctly, but my daughter also pointed out that expanding holes to secure the top probably voided the warranty. We never got to think that far ahead. M saw that the top was not securing to the base and regretfully told them we were refusing delivery. To their credit they were utterly understanding and completely professional.

But I’m telling you, it was really hard to watch them walk it back out of my house and put it back into that truck. M and I both know it is absolutely the right decision, but we also know that reality bites in this case.

A call to customer service explaining the situation got the ball rolling on another set being ordered from from their Salt Lake City warehouse next week. They get one more shot at delivering a table the works – without enlarging the holes – and if the next one is also a bust we will cancel the order completely and start shopping again. But I have to say I will be really unhappy if they cannot get us a functional unit. Plus I also feel supremely paranoid and will be looking at all the holes on the next table they bring out to ensure it has not been modified.

Ugh. I hate this kind of thing. I want to live in that perfect world where such stuff never happens, or at least go back to a blissful state where such stuff never happens to me.

5 thoughts on “The agony of crushing disappointment

    1. I know! M’s BFF was like “it’s only a table.” True, but it’s also fulfillment of a dream for us, and we want it to WORK, darn it! Fingers and toes crossed the next one they deliver goes together without incident.

    1. It feels like the first grown-up decision we have had to make in a very long time. This is almost a new family member, having a role in our present and future history as a family. It was the right decision, but disappointing all the same.

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