This morning there has been quite a ruckus in the back yard. First our next door neighbor’s son/home caretaker was over with her dog and she was barking continuously in the backyard and all three cats were on the deck looking out at whatever Rosie was barking at. Since her barking was not normal when she lived there, M and I both looked outside to see if there was something going on in the greenbelt. There was a couple of turkey hens running by with a bunch of chicks between them, but nothing else that we could see. We chalked it up to a coyote or a dog making merry chase, gave the fluffbuckets their breakfast, and returned to our tasks.

M was getting to go for his run and told me to look outside … all three cats were sitting around the birdseed pan and staring off into the distance. It was like cats on the hunt out in the open of a concrete savannah, completely absorbed in whatever had caught their attention. We have a nest of barn swallows, protected from fluffbucket grasping paws by the eves of the little house, but if the babies fall from the nest and the cats are there to see it … well, there is nothing we can do about it.

That does not stop M from trying to protect the babies, though. He went outside and got the ladder to peek in the nest with 3 very interested kitty cats waiting and watching on the ground at his feet. All 3 babies are still in the nest, mom and dad hovering nearby, and the cats are just going to have to hunt elsewhere. Today, anyway.

I keep telling M to not get attached, that we cannot watch and babysit the babies in the nest 24/7. But he worries anyway – nature be damned. Had we been more prepared the “bird nursery” (a small canary cage we got from our neighbors with the purchase of their large iron parrot cage) would likely have 3 residents right now. M is (mostly) leaving them alone in hopes that they will stay and hang around the yard, raise another family next year. Barn swallows have the prettiest voices.

So that has been our Sunday morning thus far. My computer time is astronomical this morning, for which I blame my daughter and K for tempting me into creating a Pinterest account. It’s addictive and I must just say no! i can only cook one (or two) things at a time and recipes will still be there when I am ready to try something new.

7 thoughts on “Survival of the fittest

    1. It’s a total time suck! I have had to take drastic measures – I set the timer on my phone now to make me stop after 30 minutes. We’ll see how long that lasts in controlling my new appetite for computer time.

      1. Lol great idea! Speaking of which this laundry just refuses to put itself away n my maid is soooo lazy (oh n imaginary lol). Have a great day!

      2. You too! I can at least moderately justify my dawdling by the treadmill desk – I am working on my second round of 10,000 steps while composing my next post.

      3. I do, and it’s my guilty indulgence. I am a type 2 diabetic, though, so I have HAD to do something to balance the long hours of paid work on my computer with the need for movement.

        Okay, I’m off to join you in laundry/house chores. Back later to finish my post. 🙂

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