Our crushing disappointment continues – find the backstory here.

After I contacted customer service last Saturday about the returned dining room table and chairs, they were supposed to order another set and get back to me when it arrived. Lo and behold she called me back on Saturday – there was another set in the warehouse here, did I want that? A few phone calls back and forth and we agreed to try this other set. Delivery was set for this morning.

I was at work – thank goodness – and M was home to inspect and receive the new table and chairs. After our last delivery M was outside to watch them unpack and inspect it before they brought it into the house. He says this one was not boxed but wrapped in movers blankets. They unwrapped the top and while it was not as pretty as the first one, M says it was acceptable. Then they unwrapped the pedestal, and M took one look and told them not to bother unloading because we would not accept it.

06/05/2015 - Table pedestal drilled to fit
06/05/2015 – Table pedestal drilled to fit

This is EXACTLY what they would have had to do to the previous one to make the top attach. It is also the precise reason we rejected the first set and what I feared they would try with the next set they delivered. M says it is not the same set – the top was not as pretty and the pedestal looked as if it had some wear on the bottom. Either way, it was rejected out of hand.

The customer service gal I have been dealing with just called me and very professionally handled my cancellation as if it were expected. She apologized for the manufacturing defect and could not have been more gracious about the whole thing. I will say RC Willey does a great job training their delivery and customer service personnel.

So that’s that – we are on the hunt for another set. Someday. Right now we have a lot on our plates with guests arriving for extended visits and plans to be made. We will set up our folding table and chairs in the dining room, throw a tablecloth over it and call it good. Mostly we’ll be outside grilling and eating, so it won’t matter much.

But I loved that dining set and I am disappointed. I recognize that some things simply are not meant to be, and hopefully this means I will find something else I like even more in the future. When we get around to shopping again. Plus, it’s only furniture. I keep repeating that to myself: it’s only furniture.

4 thoughts on “The table saga concludes

  1. When you had mentioned them sending one from their warehouse in Salt Lake City my first guess was RC Willey. While a little pricey I really like their stuff and so I’m surprised that it happened to you twice.

    1. We like them as well, and they are the only mid-range type furniture store in our area. The top not attaching to the pedestal without modification is obviously a manufacturing defect. M also feels like this table was modified to make the top attach and then returned, which the warehouse or receiving personnel did not notice when they returned it to stock. Oh well. We will start looking again at some point.

  2. We’re in NY and I like Raymoor n Flanigan. Dont know if u have that. Hey maybe they have some ideas on pinterest?

    I remember how after you finally found the table set you loved u thought u would have to talk M Into it and the extra 4 chairs remember? But you didn’t lol. So I know ur perfect table set is still out there. I literally spent hours online searching for ours lol.

  3. I am so sad about the table. But the table will find you. Remember how long you looked for that couch?

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