Saturday I was a bit bleary-eyed in the morning and paying bills online. M and I were going adventuring – a drive to the coast for a walk on the beach – and I wanted to get bills paid before we left. Only I was still drinking my coffee and not 100% awake … which resulted in paying my American Express bill twice. Ugh!

Normally this is not much of an issue, because we have been using it a lot for big-ticket purchases (hello table and chairs … I be looking at you) and would have simply applied it to a future balance. Except the table and chairs had been cancelled, so we would have had an almost $1200 credit sitting there. We pay our credit cards in full each month, and since we have no plans to try and find/purchase another dining room table, it was going to take a long time to spend that down. Online help chat told me there was nothing they could do to cancel it (instant payment system), but if I called once it cleared they would promptly send me a refund check. No fee for my sleepy stupidity.

So I just got off the phone with some cheerful sounding young man with an Australian accent who very cheerfully processed my refund. Easy peasy! Standard American Express statement is that it will take 7-10 days, but most customers typically have it within 5 days. We are not desperate or destitute for the cash, but I am now curious to see when it will arrive. Since everything else went so smoothly I figure it will be 10 days for sure. Which is fine.

Our weekend was good, relaxing and restful. Saturday we did not make it to the coast – traffic was just to horrible for a Saturday – so we changed directions and went to Tahoe instead via Incline Villiage. We stopped and walked the beach there instead, then continued on and had dinner in Stateline. It was a overcast and even a bit rainy, but water is water and very welcome.

Yesterday was a couch potato day. M went for a long run with friends in the morning and I was home spending quality time with Hansel and Gretel (our washer and dryer). It’s ridiculous how much laundry 2 people can generate over the course of a week. A Netflix binge (watching Crossing Lines) helped the time of washing, drying, folding , and putting away pass more quickly. Of course I cleaned house, changed linens, and took inventory of the freezers as well, so I was not a complete lazy bum the whole day. But I needed it. I have been feeling burned out and stressed lately and needed some mindless TV watching to recharge the batteries.

Went to see my therapist on Friday about my dark funk. As always he was great, and for now we are going to bypass medications and see if a few sessions and some additional exercise can help me move past this latest boulder of life. I wryly remarked to him that every doctor I see seems to offer some variation on “diet and exercise” as treatment for whatever ails me. But the must be onto something, as I did put my focus toward eating better and increasing my overall activity and I do feel more like myself. We will continue with our sessions a few more weeks and then take stock. I’m hopeful. Mostly I feel better. Maybe I just need to kick-start those dolphins (endorphins) inside my head.

I decided this morning that it will be a good week for me, and I hope the same is true for all of you.

5 thoughts on “Weekend stupidity and recap

  1. just out of curiosity did you ask him if he was aussie or a brit ? cause i know i was always asked in norcal are u from en(g)land

    1. We actually got to talking about accents and I did ask, because I still get confused on Australian versus New Zealand. He was originally from Perth.

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