I had my meeting with our investment advisor this morning about his proposals for our overall financial and retirement plan. It was a good conversation, and I am completely satisfied with both the service and the plan he has drafted for us. Granted it is not a huge change – we’re going from 62% stocks/38% bonds to 70% stocks/30% bonds and increase our international exposure slightly for diversification purposes. The biggest changes are probable where the stocks and bonds are held – much of the stocks will be in our taxable investment account. I am completely satisfied with the plan. The biggest change for me with having an actual advisor again is that I can cease worrying so much about the decisions I am making for our future. I know a lot of people look at their investments every day and enjoy watching the totals to up and down, but I am not one of them. It is additional stress I do not need, and it makes me anxious about whether or not I made smart choices and the right decisions in the funds that will fund our future.

What amazes me is that we have managed to turn our retirement savings around and may actually be able to retire someday. Our plans for our older and grayer years are modest; we do not intend to acquire expensive hobbies or have grand plans to travel the world. Our biggest goals revolve around being 100% debt free and maintaining our overall health so we can enjoy our leisure time. I am already plotting and planning to save for an RV. Again, nothing huge or extravagant, just large enough to comfortably shelter us for up to a few weeks at a time.

We started late with retirement savings. Of course, we did not purchase our first home until we were in our 50s, so financial late-blooming seems typical. Our future got a boost with inheritance from my mother, yet I also know we have saved steadily for years and years to afford our home’s downpayment and now for our future older and grayer years. A hobby of mine is reading about personal finance, and while we have no intention of early retirement (we are 54 and 58 now; it seems the “early” train has already left the station), I do find it interesting reading about saving, financial planning, and frugality, even if we do not incorporate 99% of the ideas and practices.

Lately here I am obsessed with decluttering and downsizing our volume of crap stuff. All this talk and thought about retiring someday has me imagining dying and leaving my kids bunch of crap stuff to deal with. Unfortunately M does not share my interest or actively participate in my hobby. If pressed I’d say he’s my polar opposite – he would rather protect all the crap stuff we have and add even more, little by little until the house explodes. I am exaggerating, of course; I don’t think we have anything combustible stored in the house. And while our home as a “lived in” look and feel to it, we clean regularly and have a system of emptying any science experiments from the back of the fridge on Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings (garbage is picked up on Thursday, hence the method to our madness). Our thinning out of possession remains a push-pull issue between us. The only thing I can do is lead by example and try to be thoughful in our purchases as time passes.

Today I am super happy to get one other thing off my to-do list. Onward.


2 thoughts on “Financial and retirement savings/planning

  1. We make more money off of international funds than we do domestic. Your financial advisor has the right idea!

    1. Thank you! I like and trust him, and involving someone whose job it is to watch these things is reassuring. Retirement is still 12-13 years away, so we have a little time to grow our nest egg.

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