So yesterday my son G sends me a text update on his life and labeled it as such. He has been mulling a job change and decided against it. Flexibility when he’s in school is so important, and I am pleased to see he is taking school seriously enough to stick with his present employer in order to retain the focus on the long-term goal. But the text was cute. Yes, even though he is 28 and a grown man, he still sends me cute texts.

On Sunday my daughter texted me her goal for the big 3-0 this December: she would like to be celebrating in Disney World on her actual birthday. I am hugely flattered that she invited M and I to participate and join them for the celebration, but after thinking about it and checking our vacation budget for the year, flying across the country does not seem feasible. We have suggested that if she decides to stay on our side of the country and go to Disneyland we’re all in and up for that, but flying to Orlando and only spending a few days right before Christmas is not really in the budget this year. I have never been to Orlando, and neither of us have been to the Disney parks there. It’s a judgment call, but we have always thought that when we visit the magic kingdom down there, we want to take the time to visit all the properties. That’s a lot of time and a huge expense, and it was not really on our list this year.

C completely understands and is unsure whether she and A will invest their dollars in such a lofty goal, but it is just that – a goal. A home of their own looms large in their thoughts and dreams, so much so that they have been paying down student loans and saving aggressively for the past year. This new goal is a stretch, and she does have a plan and a back-up plan. Rather than putting any and all extra cash toward the home downpayment funds, they will instead put it tward the birthday trip. If they have crested a certain dedicated dollar amount by the end of September they will pull the trigger and make reservations and buy airline tickets. If not …. Disneyland is very nice and lots of fun as well.

We shall see how this progresses. I confess to being a terrible, selfish parent in that I am not-so-secretly hoping she chooses her highest priority goal of home ownership over a cross country vacation and they end up planning on Disneyland instead. M and I would LOVE to spend a few days in Disneyland at in December with both kids, their SOs, and several of their friends.

2 thoughts on “The choices we make – mom fail edition

  1. I’m not a mom so I missed the mom-fail part BUT I am from Florida and a Disney World fan (but not fanatic)! The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas while kids are still in school is the best time to go (weather, decorated, slow season, cheaper (not cheap)) and the Disney packages are structured that the longer you stay the cheaper per day. Plus there is so much to do there – if you only go for a few days you miss a lot (unless you are a super aggressive every minute planned person – which is no fun IMHO). It may not be a milestone birthday – but plan for ’16 or ’17 and really do Disney World right would be a really fun experience for everyone (It really is great!)!

    1. SAK – thanks so much for the local insight! I think 2016 or 2017 will be better for all of us – more time to plan the trip and allocate the vacation budget. M and I could make Disneyland work this year, but not a trip to Orlando in the way we would want to visit and get the most of a vacation.

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