Ann over at published her 78 day to-do list yesterday. In a comment reply to me she suggested that we all publish summer to-do lists and support each other in getting it over with meeting our goals. I thought that was a great idea. I have very long, detailed lists of things I want to accomplish, but I chose my top 10 things to accomplish in summer 2015:

  1. Complete 1,000,000 steps on activity trackers. This sounds like a lot, but I routinely get 10,000 steps daily between my treadmill desk and my Viviosmart activity tracker.
  2. Attend 25 classes yoga classes. I have an 2-year unlimited membership at a local Bikram studio that is languishing. This goal puts me at just over 2 classes per week.
  3. Use gym membership for 30 sessions of strength training. I have 4 personal training sessions and 4 body fit class sessions to jump-start this process. I am strategizing at 3 sessions per week.
  4. Lose 10 lbs. We just received a wedding invitation for September and the dress I would like to wear will look so much better with 10 lbs. less of me.
  5. Research CBT for eating habits. My battles with food are an ongoing thing, and I feel like a loser in the worst sense of the word all too often over my failures. I have a list of books and other resources to review to see if it is something I want to try for this issue.
  6. Decide upon and document funeral arrangement/wishes. While this is truly morbid to think about, recent experience with my mom left me a strong desire to simplify things for M and/or the kids when the time arrives.
  7. Read two books per week. I am typically a voracious reader, but I have been slacking the last few months in favor of crap TV. I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription with close to 50 selections of beach book fiction on my wishlist. It’s not classic literature, but reading for entertainment seems somehow more enriching than watching TV for the same hours invested.
  8. Get a tan on my legs. I live in northern California and have a pool in my backyard. There is no excuse for having blindingly white legs all summer and into the fall.
  9. Hike with M 6 weekend days. We did a lot of adventure hikes last year and I enjoyed it. Between running and guests it will be a busy summer, but I know we can include this on our roster of activities.
  10. Post 12 goal progress updates. Monday will be my posting day, first will be June 15 and final will be August 31, 2015.

Ten things for summer, all of which I can successfully accomplish and feel good about. Wish me luck! And thank you Ann for inspiring me to set some realistic goals for the weeks ahead.

18 thoughts on “80 days of summer

  1. Great goals! I need to make a list.

    And I just want to say thank you for posting about Ann’s blog. I absolutely love it (and yours as well).

    1. Kay, thank you for the kind words. I agree – Ann is fabulous! I am kind of excited about this experiment and looking forward to charting my progress.

  2. Great goals! I have been letting my gym benefits go to waste. Good idea on the yoga and strength training.

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