It’s nearly midnight here and we have been having a bit of drama tonight. Nothing serious, but drama nonetheless.

M prepped a few pounds of beef today to smoke for jerky. This is a good thing – we LOVE his jerky. However, I left the office at 4:30 today intending to be home early the first night this week. Only problem? My wallet was still on my desk at the office. Know how I figured that out? I was stopping at the bank to make a deposit and had no wallet and therefore no ATM card. So frustrated with myself.

So I get home early and we have to turn around and drive back to the office to get my stupid wallet. We had planned to hit Costco for a bistro table we have been eyeing for weeks now and Sam’s Club to restock our supply of greek yogurt, so I had to get my wallet because I am the keeper of the club cards.

We went to Costco first and acquired our bistro set, which looks utterly charming out on our front concrete. In our wanderings through the store, though, we of course found other stuff we “need.” Pellets for the smoker – a great price and a blend of woods – 2 bags into the cart. Then since M seems to have dropped 35 lbs. overnight, he needed new swim trunks. But then, while we were in the clothing aisle, we found a few cotton aloha shirts for him. M wears these a lot, and since my parents were from Hawaii originally I have grown up around men wearing these things. It also suits M’s unique sense of style, and I’m happy we found a few more to replace others that are so thin and threadbare from washing.

Sam’s we stuck to the program with greek yogurt, coconut oil, a couple of spices. We were home around 9 and M immediately put the table together. As I said, it looks cute out front. I’ll take pictures tomorrow and share.

But all he talked about since I got home was cooking jerky tonight in the smoker. So what time did he finally start it? Yep, it was probably 20 minutes ago when it finally got going. He has his alarm set for the middle of the night to check on it. Thankfully I’m a pretty heavy sleeper … unless he sleeps through the alarm until it wakes me up.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em … unfortunately we have about 5 lbs. in the smoker until tomorrow morning. M should really learn to time these things better if he hopes for a good night’s sleep. At least it’s Friday night and we can both sleep in tomorrow if needed. Except I have signed up for an extended yoga class/posture clinic that starts at 8 a.m. Saturday naps are good.

Happy weekending everyone!

5 thoughts on “Smoke ’em if you got ’em

  1. I am having a laugh at this and I love your tolerance. My x used to do stuff like this and it made me nuts…however it would be because he did sleep through the alarm and I would end up waking up to do it! Hope the jerky is tasty!!

    1. The jerky is fabulous! He took care of it by himself and even remembered to turn down the alarm box so it was not alerting me every time he went out the back door to check on it.

  2. MMMM Jerky!!! Mark hasn’t made ice cream in a while. I can see you eating ice cream and jerky at your new table, well not at the same time. But still. And how did he lose all the weight! I look at a candy bar and gain a pound.

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