Yesterday was kind of lazy day for our household, and today looks like some stock-up shopping and more lazing about. It’s been one of those types of weekends.

M has been cooking beef jerky nonstop it seems. Late Friday start and early Saturday morning smoking batch turned out well, although he is not satisfied with the effort. It is a teriyaki-based jerky and tastes pretty good to me, but he has plans for his next experiment. For now there are 3 generously filled gallon zippies of it in our freezer. I’ll take one to work on Monday – my coworkers love M’s cooking experiments – and the others will be slowly consumed over the next couple of months.

Yesterday afternoon M fired up the Traeger again and smoked even more jerky, this one a spicy peppered and garlic beef. I spent a few hours outside in the pool and in the shade reading while this was going on, and let me tell you it smelled divine. While I will not touch it myself (not a spicy food girl), I know plenty of our friends are impatiently waiting for this next batch. Last time M made this the 3 or 4 pounds did not last an entire evening. He said this batch was better, but M being M he still feels there are improvements to be made. Cooking it during the heat of the day seems to work better with the smoker, though, so I think I have seen the last of his overnight cooking binges.

Today was a trip back to Costco for more smoker fuel. We have been buying our pellets from Sportsman’s Warehouse – $15.99 for a 20 lb. bag of each individual wood – but Costco had a blend of Traeger woods in 33 lb. bags for $19.99. We bought 2 on Friday night, imagining that even if we did not like it that much for jerky it would be fine for other things. Actually M is the picky one on the pellet and meat pairings. Like wine, I cannot tell a good pairing from a just okay to bad pairing. So M likes it, so we will stock up and snag a few more bags for the balance of the summer. Our relatively decluttered garage has room to store this purchase.

In addition to our Costco run we headed across the street to Sam’s Club to check on the greek yogurt supply (they only had a few boxes left on Friday night and we’re hoping for more with later dates), more thin-sliced jerky beef, and this spreadable cheese we has us completely enslaved. Again this is a new M obsession with his diet of protein and fat. Running 10+ miles daily allows you some latitude this way.

Other than our shopping advenures …

Late breaking development in that M has SLICED the tip of his left index finger with a slicer thing. I hear him swearing in the kitchen – a regular occurrence when he is doing just about anything – but the “tone” of this swear-fest was different. I go to see what has happened this time (imagining the tray of carrots and onions and celery he was slicing has fallen on the floor or into the sink) to see this spray of blood across the sink backsplash and M leaned over the sink squeezing his finger and running water over it and that water is pink. Not good.

Florence Nightengale I am not. I was all in favor of a trip to the local urgent care for stitches, but M insists it is not necessary and we can neosporin and tape a gauze bandage over it. So I am trying to get my hands to stop shaking long enough to get the gauze packet unwrapped to stop the blood at least, and he’s lecturing me about germs in our bathroom and the proper way to get the tape off the spindle. NOT the time for how-to-bandage lessons, because I’m rattled and therefore extremely defensive rather than give in to my spiking anxiety and fear. To my credit I did not just throw the first aid supplies onto the counter and scream at him to just bandage himself along with gratuitous “you ass” type name calling, but in my defense there was BLOOD spray all over my kitchen.

Things are calmer now. M’s finger is bandaged but still bleeding somewhat and he’s wearing a thin plastic glove (think food handling gloves in restaurants) while he gets the pan of ribs ready for cooking. I cleaned up the blood and the vegetable mess and pondering that this is suddenly the worst weekend in the world to try and be better about healthy eating. I mean, seriously … I could use a few cans of coke and a large hit of chocolate. Purely medicinal, of course.

I hope everyone else had a stellar, injury-free weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekending … and there be blood!!!

  1. Oh no hope his finger is ok? Slices are painful and bloody! If it’s not closed today he better get a stitch!!!

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