It feels as if there is nothing to talk about these days. The days pass on their normal schedule – get up, exercise, shower, eat breakfast, work, 60 minute lunch, leave on the dot after 8 hours service, and either goof off with M, attending a yoga practice, or work on tasks for my part-time gigs. Floating in the pool after dark and watching the stars is also a thing – very relaxing. Nothing major or unusual going on with us right now.

My reading has been consumed with Greece’s troubles, and then today I was glued to business news and the drama at the New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines (yes, I have been getting my finance geek on lately). We are talking about vacations next month, September, October. C wants to go to Orlando to celebrate her 30th birthday in December, but I do not think we can justify the expense with the recent salary haircut. If she decides to stay on this side of the country and go to Disneyland, we can definitely swing that and would love to join the celebration. I am imagining September will be decision time for that.

My enthusiasm for my full-time job is fading faster than usual. It’s not yet gotten to the point where I hate my job or hate doing the work I am doing, but it is unpleasant going someplace where people are universally unhappy. One of my associates had a baby on Monday – normally a very exciting event – but it was sort of subdued and flat. Under the current circumstances the purchase and presentation of the baby gift (Target giftcard) is going to be very discreet; I really do not want to hear the unenthusiastic to bitter comments about purchasing gifts when dramatic paycuts have just been issued. I know it is not my fault, and I know my associates probably do not blame me. But it’s hard to hear, it’s hard to maintain the necessary privacy that comes with payroll and firm finance-related matters, and it’s a burden I am paid the less-than-big-bucks to manage.

So while the away from job hours are pretty relaxing and pleasant, the time in the office is depressing. The owners become more and more entrenched in their stubbornness as each day passes, because they are strange ducks. I suppose they felt their employees would be so grateful to still have jobs they would swallow a 20% cut in pay without complaint. The owners are delusional, probably all the tech staff are thinking if not actually already looking at other firms, and I am striving to keep my head down and just do my 8 hours of work and no more.

Very strange times for me.

One thought on “The steady drumbeat of summer days

  1. I agree the best thing right now is just as you stated…do your 8 hours, no more, keep your head down and head home. Your bosses certainly are strange ducks…well you know I was going to use a different word but lets go with ducks

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