The fair opened today. Usually M and I go on opening day, but this year things have been so topsy-turvy that we did not even realize it was time. That and for years and years it opened mid-August and closed on Labor day. They changed it last year or the year before and we are still adjusting.

We bought our ticket package from Costco (admission, parking, $10 food scrip) and saved about $15 overall. Of course we will buy junky fair food inside as well as pick up a few odds and ends we cannot seem to live without. Our king size bed was purchased on a fair special from a local dealer, as were a few specialty kitchen items we use all the time (tortilla warmer, little hand mixing gizmo, cheese grater). Last year M really wanted a second, larger “singing bowl” from a dealer who comes every year from Nepal. Our first small one was acquired 4 years ago, then there were 2 years where he’d already sold the larger size M really wanted, and last year we finally got there on the first day to have our pick of the 3 he brought. By the time we cruised by to say goodbye at the end of our visit all of them had been sold. With the state of future budgets in question right now, I am relieved there is nothing on our “must find” list this year.

For us we love the livestock nursery and animal displays and demonstrations and the commercial exhibits. We take the opportunity to look at new cars without the pressure of visiting a dealership and of course the handmade competition stuff is intriguing as well. It’s been years since we have done midway rides, but we always walk around and look them over just in case the urge to ride a roller coaster hits us. Our goal is to get there when the gates are opening and be done before the teenagers and real crowds start arriving in the late afternoon/evening.

I’m hoping the cooler temperatures and overcast days hold through tomorrow, but I’m ready with the sunscreen and hat. Even if it were freezing in July (highly unlikely in my section of California) I’d be finding a shaved ice vendor and having one. It’s the fair; since I do not eat most fair food, I have a shaved ice. It seems a reasonable trade-off.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

3 thoughts on “State Fair weekend

  1. We usually go with my sister in September to the one near her house. We will see what happens this year but I love the fair. Its fun no matter what especially when I no longer have to keep track of little ones. Enjoy your shaved ice

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