M and I spent the day at the California State Fair. We got there around 10:15 and walking back through the gates about 6:30. In the 8+ hours in between, I would say we were on our feet and walking all but about 30 minutes of our excursion. This counts as hiking – urban hiking – because my viviofit says it was something like 8.6 miles and 21,298 steps today.

Despite wearing a hat with a neck drape and A LOT of sunscreen, I still got sunburned on the backs of my upper arms and at the V in my neckline. Today was actually cooler than expected in the mid-80s with a breeze, so it was not at all unpleasant. I think that’s why I was fooled into not applying additional sunscreen. Because I did not feel particularly hot, I could not imagine my skin getting burned.

We saw a lot of neat things. Cows and sheep were in the livestock barn, and the petty zoo had a couple of super cute little goats running around. In one of the exhibits we saw an armadillo – my first in California, although I have seen them during prior trips to Texas – and a very animated, angry-looking bald eagle stalking around her exhibit. The art and craft displays were awe-inspiring. Other people are so gifted in their ability to create beautiful things.

Then there is the food. I mean, really, we are not “foodies” and love us some yummy fair food, even if we do tend to gravitate toward the same vendors year after year. For the ridiculousness of the cost of fair fare here is a list of what we ate and how much each item costed:

1 hotdog on a stick and large lemonade – $8.50
1 chicken skewer – $6.00
1 texas tater (thin spiral sliced potato on a stick, deep fried like chips) – $6.00
1 strawberry-topped funnel cake – $10.00
2 bottles of dasani water – $6.52 (only vendor we found who charged tax in addition to posted prices)
1 frozen cotton candy – $8.00

So for our day of fair food – $45.02.

No shaved ice for me this year. Normally I would eat shaved ice in a blizzard, but the crowds were awful this year. Between the walking in the heat and the (relatively) small meals consumed I had issues with my blood sugar staying in the normal range, and I never seemed to be near a vendor with a reasonable line when I felt ready for or needed a sugar boost. The frozen cotton candy was M’s big calorie splurge this year (he’s been really disciplined about his diet and dropping a lot of weight) and while it was interesting, it in no way compared with shaved ice or funnel cake. Funnel cake is something we only eat at Disneyland or the fair, and it was handy when Mark said I was looking “pale and clammy” plus getting cranky. The crowds, M, the crowds! As the day wore on the people kept arriving and everywhere was jam-packed with people. He made me test and I had dropped to 54 (low is anything below 70), but I actually did not feel like I usually do when it gets that low. So M also blew his diet up and shared it with me; so worth it on all counts.

All in all, a very fun day for us. We did pick up a couple of goodies at the commercial vendors – a grill mat for the traeger, a running belt for M to carry his phone while running, and this cool little vegetable slicer/peeler thing. We also fell hard for a new Toyota Camray … until I came home and did a virtual “build” on the one we would want and very quickly realized it is absolutely not in the budget. And M lost my daypack! At the time of its loss there was nothing in it but my tube of sunscreen (also why I forgot to reapply it). When we realized we’d actually left it in the very exciting Camray we went back to find it had not been turned in there or at lost and found. Disappointing but not the end of the world. It was a 10 year old day pack and had been on many adventures with me, but it was not the most practical of packs I own. It will be slightly missed but not mourned any further.

That’s it for our fair adventures this year. It was fun and exhausting in the best ways.

Edit: I’m not sure how it happened, but a picture of the hummingbird nest with one of the twin beaks peeking out somehow got inserted into this post.

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