K has been let go from her job, primarily because her boss is bat-shit crazy. For months we have been hearing about her boss’ mercurial mood swings and the resulting poor management choices. Unfortunately, the boss has been the head and face of this organization for more than a quarter century and is very close to several members of the governing board. If the choice came down to staff or the director, staff would be flattened on the pavement under the speeding bus. K knew this, and despite the board’s best efforts to keep the organization intact in light of the director’s most recent psychological and emotional difficulties, K is the most recent casualty.

Even knowing all that, it was a difficult pill for her to swallow, particularly in light of the fact that she was a few days away from giving her 2 weeks notice anyway. The brighter side is she is eligible for unemployment. Still a blow to her pride and upsetting in so many ways, yet for seeking out a silver lining purposes this is better than nothing at all.

But she’s a planner. There was a very positive interview on Monday and it seems likely an offer pending after a second interview the week of July 20. If that opportunity or another similar one in her field does not materialize by August 1, she will take a part-time job as a server to supplement her unemployment pay and go with Plan B, which is a return to school for a second degree and pursuit of grad school. Hopefully all will work out and she will again be gainfully employed with a job and benefits soon.

It feels like other people’s crazy is imposing on me and those nearest and dearest. It’s tough enough to endure myself with my own full-time bosses and their curiously questionable decisions, but it is particularly difficult to watch it on someone so close to me.

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