A few months ago I confessed here to being mean to a Greenpeace volunteer. After a few months of peaceful lunchtime comings and goings at the local grocery store near my office, I stopped by this morning to find that Greenpeace is back. This morning a young man suggested “let’s save the rain forest” on my way into the market. My reply of “no, let’s burn it down completely” left him momentarily at a loss for words, enough to let me walk into the store and escape him without further commentary.

Now before anyone becomes alarmed and accuses me of being an eco-terrorist or worse, I mean no harm to the whales, dolphins, tigers, sharks, rain forest, and all their ilk. However, I would like to go in and out of the store I frequent without having some young hipster blocking my trajectory with well meaning ideas to change the world, one species at a time. ESPECIALLY at 8:30 in the morning when I am fueled only by decaf coffee and a protein shake. It’s criminal to have that level of intrusive in-your-face enthusiasm about the planet at that hour of the morning. Just saying.

Yes, I have now surely, officially crossed over into the bitchy middle aged woman phase of life. Hopefully I will return to my normal, mostly sunny self soon. Maybe even after lunch.

6 thoughts on “Let’s burn down the rain forest!

  1. Welcome to the “dark side”! A perfectly appropriate reaction – I only wish I had thought of it. And wow – starting the day with decaf – you are a tough woman. Hope all is well – I have been reading but not commenting (tough to comment when traveling). How is the gym going?

    1. Yeah, I think I may be thriving over here in the darkness. Decaf is necessary anymore, because I cannot seem to stay emotionally even and get enough sleep drinking the fully loaded, and the headaches from going off are so awful. Timely you should ask about the gym, as I am just home from my meeting with the trainer and was about to write a post about it. Going pretty well, for the handicapped exercise goobs like me, though.

      1. Can’t wait to read the post! I will confess after working out for 6 months – i still have to ask which exercise he means when he just tells me to do something. Shoulder press with hand weights – which one was that again? 🙂

      2. *laugh* I have a feeling J will be using my cliff notes forever. But that’s okay, it’s why he gives them to me in the first place.

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