So I was reading comments and such and realized I had a major typo in this morning’s post. I had started that post yesterday regarding the Saturday morning yoga class, only to not correct it when finishing it today. Now edited and corrected. Just an editorial FYI in case anyone thinks I have become some yogi overnight and did a double. Not going to happen anytime soon, but it’s a wonderful thought for the future.

Anyway, back to today.

Early this afternoon my son’s girlfriend K texted that they were on their way home from camping and wondering if I would take her to a Bikram class at my yoga studio. I have several passes to share with family and friends, and her first visit is always free, but with the passes I have she could attend several times to test drive it before committing to $49 for 30 days unlimited at my studio. Since we live about 20 minutes from their house and it would be easily another 10 minutes past that to get to mine, she would probably want to go somewhere to her home or her (eventual) job for her practice. For now, while seeking new work and having time on her hands, my studio is free and a good place to test drive safely.

I agreed to go with her, so we attending the Sunday 3 p.m. class. It was quite crowded – probably close to maximum participants – but a good opportunity for K to see what Bikram is like. She has done yoga before, but this was her first Bikram class in the elevated hot room. It was quite a new and eye-opening experience for her, mostly positive.

But SAK commented on my earlier post:

BTW – on the yoga – w/o any idea of course on what you may be having difficulty with – you might want to invest in one or two one on one sessions with the instructor where you show them where you are having issues (balance, a certain movement) and they give you some specific tips/modifications/additional moves to build up the balance/strength you need/etc.

I actually think we might have a mind meld thing going here, because I have been considering the same idea. There was a posture workshop awhile back that was extremely helpful, but it did not go quite far enough to help me with the more troubling balance issues I seem to be having.

Honestly, the major stumbling block I have with this studio is communication with the teachers and/or management. Most of the sessions I choose are staffed by part-time teachers who are at multiple studios and do not book their own private instruction or teaching, and I cannot in good conscience ask them to stay later to help me after we’ve just been through a regular practice. This assumes I am willing to wait long enough to get to chat with them at all. As remarked this is a pretty “cliquey” studio, and there are social people who tend to monopolize the teachers.

Today I had the good fortune to be in a class with the studio’s owner and being taught by the studio’s resident manager. I had an opportunity to chat with both and will hopefully getting some extra help from someone next week. We also had a very honest heart-to-heart about the studio and its practices, and maybe something will change. I feel for both of them, because they are acutely aware of the issues I brought up and are hoping to introduce some additional studio volunteers to help people like me who just want to talk to someone about resolving my issues before I become so discouraged I quit completely.

Other than feeling as if she has heat stroke, K enjoyed the class and will be attending again with me on Tuesday night. I’m hoping my daughter will also follow-up with us on her interest, because it would be fun to have ladies I know so well go to class with me.

The to-do list has been whittled, because M took charge and ownership on several of the items. Laundry is mostly done – he NEVER folds clothes – and our marathon meal prep for the week is well underway in the smoker, crockpot, and oven. He even cleaned both bathrooms, because like a little kid with a new toy he was quite eater to remove and re-caulk my shower. No complaints here, because I hate cleaning the bathroom.

Yesterday’s funk seems to have blown over, although I’m still highly irritated with my blood sugar. I have exercised. I have eating supremely cleanly this weekend. I have done yoga and kept my stress way down (well, mostly way down). Yet I’m still running high? Not 300s high (my goal is 150 or less before meals), but 168 to 200 high. Aggravating. But I’ll keep on working on it and tweak my medication dosages as the doc prescribed. I just want that immediate gratification that comes with improved behaviors and am having a mild tantrum because it’s not happening.

Patience, grasshopper, patience.

My trainer was also really cute this afternoon. He texted me after I’d committed to yoga practice with K to say he was going to the gym to do his workout and did I want to work out with him, gratis? I had to say no, because of my commitment to yoga practice, but I also admitted to be terrified of doing a “real” workout with him on his own time. He pushes the big plates and such and would not let me hurt myself, but thought it would also be good exposure for me since I am still struggling to find my footing with strength training.

It’s been a good Sunday, positive and productive, social and fun. Now M wants to go hunt down a different shower rod from the one we got yesterday (curved versus straight), and I am relaxed and upbeat enough to wade through Home Depot and Lowe’s while he figures out which one he wants and the pieces and parts necessary to make it work.

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