I got busy and forgot to post this yesterday.

On Friday, June 12, I posted my 80 days of summer to-do/goal list and committed to updating each week. It was a actually a pretty good week.

  1. Complete 1,000,000 steps on activity trackers. AHEAD OF GOAL. For the 7 day period of Monday to Sunday, total steps between my treadmill desk steps and my Garmin viviofit2 activity tracker added up to 87,431. While this was a fairly light week, I am above the 10,000 steps per day goal.
    Progress to Date: I am doing really well and ahead of schedule on this goal at a cumulative total of 812,412 steps, only 187,588 until I reach conquer this goal.
  2. Attend 25 classes yoga classes. ON TRACK. I had 4 practices this week – Tuesday, Thursday, both days of the weekend. Love it or hate it, yoga does much to help relieve stress and calm my brain and it’s resident hamsters on their wheels.
    Progress to Date: Doing well at 13 classes so far this summer, so I am on right on schedule to meet this goal.
  3. Use gym membership for 30 sessions of strength training. KINDA/SORTA ON TRACK. After cancelling with my trainer on Wednesday and looking at dismal failure this week, we met up unexpectedly on Friday and rescheduled our session. While I did not set foot in the gym this weekend, I am going today, have an appointment with my trainer on Wednesday, and I hope find time to get a group training class tomorrow or Thursday prior to yoga. My goal is 4 gym visits this week.
    Progress to Date: Need to step it up! I have only 4 documented sessions thus far this summer.
  4. Lose 10 lbs. ON TRACK. Down another 2 lbs. this week. I have been stressing and eating more carbs than is good for me, but otherwise doing pretty well with meal planning and such. Frankly, the weight loss surprises me, but I will accept it and be happy.
    Progress to Date: I am down 7 lbs. since I started and very happy with my progress thus far. Now I need to keep the momentum up and shed at least those last 3 pounds.
  5. Research CBT for eating habits. ABANDONED 
    The prohibitive cost combined with other issues going on has me tabling this as a goal for the summer.
  6. Decide upon and document funeral arrangement/wishes. ON TRACKI contacted 2 local funeral homes about their services/programs for prepaying/prearranging final arrangements. M and I will schedule a time next week to meet with both to discuss what they offer, costs of what we might like (M wants to be buried, I wish to be cremated). This is even more morbid and depressing that I ever imagined it would be, yet I would rather take the time now to discuss our end-of-life planning.
    Progress to Date: Started and making some progress.
  7. Read two books per week. FAIL. I did no recreational reading last week. I have the same new books loaded as well as one in progress, so hopefully I’ll get back to this.
    Progress to Date: Not recreationally reading as much as I would like, but the ebb and flow of time and energy is uneven week to week. I am okay with my progress in this area.
  8. Get a tan on my legs. ON TRACK. Being outside and walking has helped, so much so that I have a clear ankle sock line from my sneakers and tan lines on my feet from sandals and flip-flops.
    Progress to Date: I’m not sporting those neon white legs these days, so I am achieving my objective.
  9. Hike with M 6 weekend days. FAIL. This may not be completed until our vacation in August.
    Progress to Date: We  have been out and about on 4 documented occasions, so slightly ahead of schedule. We have a 5 day vacation planned in August and will be walking/hiking every single day.
  10. Post 12 goal progress updates. ON TRACK
    Week 6 had its challenges. I am doing pretty well on the healthier eating and getting a lot of meaningful exercise.

So far, so good. I feel like I am doing well and making steady, positive progress in most areas. I admit to feeling pretty blah and uninspired about my progress this last week, until I added up my stats and can see I am definitely moving in the right direction on several critical areas. M also points out the subtle differences in the way my clothes are fitting (looser) and noticeable definition in my limbs and back, so that makes me feel better. My challenges this week are to try and stay in the moment and focused on whatever goal I have set for myself for today. Learning new habits is so difficult! But I am finding this goal-setting process invigorating. Maybe I’ll make it a regular quarterly thing … only with fewer goals and more defined ways to track my progress. We shall see.

3 thoughts on “80 days of summer – Week #6 and progress to date

    1. That’s because your social life is a lot more varied than mine, and everyone around me seems to want to do something active when we do get together. But it will happen, Ann.

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