Sometimes I feel like this – overwhelmed. (Also a random gratuitous cat pic.)

7/22/2015 – This is Corky, C’s senior citizen rescue kitty, doing what he enjoys most – pursuing kitty dreams.

Then I remember this:

7/22/205 - My new gymbag.
7/22/2015 – My new gym bag.

This is the print on my new gym bag. It’s just a simple canvas tote with this inspiring message. I’ll keep working out, keep trudging along. And when I least expect it, good things WILL happen for me. I’ll be a little lighter. I’ll be a little thinner. I’ll be healthier and happier. I’ll have less stress and more joy. All good things.

Always I am so thankful for so many things, and tonight that list includes the courage to make different, seemingly risky choices. Today I have surprisingly little anxiety about what happens next. My plan B started yesterday, and there are also plans C, D, E, F, and G if needed. We will be fine.

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