When I finally went to sleep last night I wondered how I would feel this morning. I did not actually sleep well, though, because I woke up at midnight and could not go back to sleep. So after reading emails from my very supportive personal and work friends, I wrote a quick post and went back to bed and stayed asleep until the alarm so rudely interrupted my rest.

Once I finally pried my eyes open and dragged myself out of bed, I find I felt … fine. Perfectly fine. Maybe I am unemployed, maybe I still have a job, but any anxiety is tempered by a sense of relief that my feelings are clear and out in the open.

I logged in from home to check my email, i.e., to see what the owners said about my proposal for remote/part-time work. I fully expected a response from both of them, even if it was just to say let’s talk further. Yes, there were replies. Both owners agreed to my proposal with little fanfare. Midwest owner wanted me to call, local owner said he would be out of the office again today and to let the staff know about my change in status.

Typical behavior for them, yet I still expected something more. I am not at all disappointed by their low-key acceptance, but I suppose I was braced for something worse.

Midwest owner said he had time to sleep on our discussions yesterday and “maybe” they had pushed their own agenda a little too hard. (Ya think???) He reiterated that neither he nor the local owner wants me to leave, and they are both hopeful that my change in status will be temporary and “cooler heads will prevail” over the next month and I will reconsider and return to my normal, full-time role with the firm. Those “cooler heads” will have to take up residency in freezing Hell to make that happen … which is what I was thinking, not what I actually said. I was very non-committal about it, said I felt the firm was heading in a direction that I could not support and if that changed, perhaps I would change my mind as well at that time.

My inner diplomat is apparently on duty this morning.

Still, it’s a huge relief. I drafted a new employment letter for myself stating the terms and conditions of my continued employment, my updated job description, rate of pay, PTO terms, cell phone and internet service reimbursements, etc. I have sent it off both owners for review, and unless they want to tweak wording or something, I will be officially part-time/remote as of next Monday. I am in the office today, all alone because everyone else is out in the field or on vacation. And once Comcast installs our new phone system, I will be able to make and receive phone calls from my office phone at home on my laptop or on my cell phone, which makes this transition that much simpler. It’s nice to be here without staff today – my office will be absolutely pristine without a paper out of place by the time I walk out of here tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “The morning after quitting my job

  1. Don’t you think that’s a little (lot!) hypocritical? You called your boss “morally bankrupt” yet you will continue to work for him and even take advantage by pressing for remote working conditions and reimbursement for expenses you would have anyway?

    1. I don’t see it that way at all. There is a world of difference between bookkeeping and participating in crafting/implementing policy for a firm. As for taking advantage, they want to retain my services and could have said no or countered with a different offer. I do not see that as taking advantage of them. Ours is still an at-will employment arrangement; the minute I’m too expensive they can terminate the agreement.

  2. I think the big difference is the other guy just complained he couldn’t afford a pay cut. You actually quit and they decided to keep you at your demands. It wasn’t a threat because you meant it and would have been fine quitting.

    1. Possibly true, and I appreciate your perspective and comment. They will pay me for hours worked, and I will be working less hours giving up so much responsibility.

  3. Good for you! How long do you plan to work for the firm in this capacity? Just until you find another full-time job?

    1. Maybe not long? I used to work for CPA firms, and I submitted resumes to 3 of their clients that are hiring last week. Thus far this morning, I am 3 for 3 on interviews. So maybe I’ll be fortunate and be able to break away clean in a few weeks.

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