Monday is when I begin my new part-time schedule and responsibilities with my former full-time job. Today I finish up invoicing for the month and the email to staff as to what I am doing, how to work with me and my remote and part-time status. There are still a couple of projects where I will most likely be in the office for much of the business day, but those are one-time projects that will be scheduled in the next month.

Yesterday I had a long conversation with the midwest owner, and it was mostly positive, a little negative. He is disappointed I am not sticking with them, yet can admit understanding that they succeeded in putting me into an awkward and uncomfortable position. We spent a lot of time discussing my part-time admin (she used is my predecessor before having children) and how neither of them want her back in any sort of management role. I completely understand; just be clear and direct and you will be fine. He and his project managers and lone staff member will be fine, because they are accustomed to dealing with via phone and email anyway.

Local owner and I talked briefly on the phone, and he wants to seek out and hire someone else for the office, to do general office stuff. This is probably another part-time position for general office and reception responsibilities. Management stuff – directing the firm, etc. – will fall on he and the owners and other 2 board members. I wish them well.

I am coming to terms with my new reality, and I am looking forward to it. Thinking about the accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities I retain, I expect to be averaging 20 hours per week. Some weeks it will be more, other weeks a little lighter, but it should truly be a part-time job.

What makes me excited about this, though, is the realization that my job is now a lot more portable, that I can be writing checks or drafting client invoices at 3 a.m. if I want to, that I am no longer chained to an 9-6 office hours existence. I will be actively looking for something else – I have my resume out with trusted friends to ensure there are no typos and for any constructive advice they might offer – and will be submitting it to another firm this morning. I also realize I can take yoga classes whenever I wish, no longer stuck with evening or early morning choices. My plan is to go to the office mid-afternoons Monday and Thursday, to pick-up bills, make copies, stamp and mail invoices, file payables, etc. Around that, most of my incoming calls will be vendors seeking payment status or the occasional client that needs assistance or has a question about their bill. I will no longer be handling insurance, contract review, human resources/staff issues, office policy enforcement (unless it relates to payroll or expenses), or anything else that the owners should have been responsible for and taking the lead on. Frankly I cannot wait to shed it.

For as long as this remote work-from-home lasts, I will make the best of it and use it for my benefit. This is a strange new mindset for me to adopt – my benefit over the company that’s paying me a salary. I will adjust.

Happy Friday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Job change reality sinking in

    1. Funny you mention that – we were just discussing our new time schedule after doing our session this morning … at 5 a.m.! (There will be a post about that tonight.) He had to reschedule after being sick Wednesday night, but was feeling a lot better yesterday and hoping to enjoy a long weekend at the coast and asked me last night if we could do an early morning – rare is the client willing to meet at that oh-dark-hundred hour.

  1. Can you be o.k. with just this part-time job or will another full-time job be needed? At one time before kids I worked three days a week and loved it. Cheryl

    1. Excellent question, Cheryl. We will be okay with me just working 3 part-time jobs, yes, as I keep my benefits under this arrangement. Our focus is on building our retirement reserves, paying off our mortgage, and cash-flowing home enhancements on our wish list. For that I would need another full-time job. But I have the luxury of being able to be patient and wait for a good fit and situation, versus taking anything offered because I need the cash.

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