Our Saturday has been rather uneventful. This morning I took my Rav into the shop for the oil change and 20K mile check up. That took 2.5 hours, whereas it is usually maybe 45 minutes to an hour. I felt like I was nodding off waiting, because I had not slept well overnight on Friday. I had a long nightmare of a giant dog coming along and stalking the cats, picking the biggests of the three up and carrying him off in giant jaws. This dog would have had to be fairly large (maybe hippo sized) to carry off the Pumpkin, but things in dreams do not always make sense. Couple this with M leaving the TV volume on (usually he plugs in headphones) and I was awake from 1:30 until about 4:30 trying to go back to sleep.

I bring all this up because naps are amazing things on a lazy Saturday afternoon. After recovering those 3 hours this afternoon, I am now likely unable to sleep tonight. Oh well. Hopefully I will get it evened out over the next couple of days, because do not have to report to work on Monday, being converted over the part-time/remote status. I will actually believe it when I see it, but right now I am not expecting much to happen on Monday morning. When I left Friday I was completely caught up and left word that I would be in midday Monday and midday Thursday to pick up bills, checks, and prepare to close June’s books. Other than that, there is not a lot going on for me to do next week, which is typical for the last week of most months. If I do not make my 20 hour minimum, I will start using my accrued PTO.

M and I also ventured over to the mall. He wanted/needed to get his glasses repaired, which turned into nearly 90 minutes at LensCrafters. The associate we usually work with is a weighlifter and he and M had to catch up on all that stuff while I wandered around looking at frames and then sat reading on my phone while they went through actual lens replacement on one pair and then the earpiece ends repair on the other. I was so happy to get out of there. Love working with “our” guy there, but honestly, I can only take so much chat about running, weighlifting, diet, and supplements.

From there we were off to GNC for magnesium supplements, then a stroll through the mall. We ended up at Eddie Bauer, where I scored the ripstop khakis I had been hoping to find for our upcoming vacations AND in a smaller size! The had 2 pairs on the clearance rack in my regular size and the next size down, and after M remarked that my regular size looked way too big, I took the smaller one as well. The smaller size fit just about right, just enough loose to make me feel really good about the whole experience. I was very excited and the price was excellent. I thought about getting the larger pair as well – just in case – and then decided that I am done with that and looking forward to continuing to reshape myself.

Whenever we go to the mall without a particular goal it feels like a fishing expedition for great deals on things we suddenly need. I refer to this practice as “sport shopping” because it’s like a treasure hunt for things to blow money on. We got away relatively cheaply, with M’s glasses, my new khakis, the supplements, and a lone pair of flip flops. This is potentially a new record for me getting away from Macy’s shoe department with a lone pair of flip flops, which were actually on sale for 40% off.

From the mall we stopped at home to change clothes and then headed out to meet a friend at the local high school track. M and friend were doing speed workouts while I was merely walking round and round. After 14 laps (3.5 miles) for me they were finally ready to leave, so I did get some exercise today.

It was a good day. Rav has new oil and is in “perfect” condition according to my service advisor. Had a nice long nap. Pants in a smaller size is always a thrill! And a good hit of exercise where I thought I would have none today.

Happy weekending everyone!

3 thoughts on “Our Saturday

  1. Sounds like a great day! Mine involved finding a high leg recliner on clearance. The road trip with my friend was a good thing (she has a bigger vehicle for hauling it) and I got a nice chair plus an 11% store rebate. Congrats on the smaller pants too — your consistency and hard work are paying off!

  2. Ok typing this again so if it posts twice I apologize. I took mom to Macys today to use a gift card that she still had from Christmas. She found 3 sets of light weight pjs for herself and I found a black skirt and a nicely cut denim skirt for work marked down to to just over 11 dollars each. I was ready to pay for my skirts when mom put them on her gift card since she wanted to use it and then the cashier gave her a coupon for 10.00 off. 2 skirts for me for 14 bucks and pjs and new slippers for mom for under 20.00. She still has 22 something on her card but couldn’t find anything she liked. I will take a good deal anytime.

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