Today is the first day of my part-time/work from home job status … and I have nothing to do. Unless I get phone calls or emails that require attention, my calendar is pretty open. I will go to the office this afternoon to retrieve any bills to be paid and checks to be deposited, but otherwise I’m waiting for the end of the month. Next week will pick up considerably, with payroll and the monthly invoicing cycle starting all over again.

But maybe I will have another full-time job before I have too much opportunity to settle into this part-time schedule.

I once worked for our firm’s CPA firm and was well-respected and liked by them. I left on great terms and have even gone back several time to type audit reports and financial statements when their admin was on vacation. The CPA is well aware of the my boss’ shortcomings and completely understands the awakward position I have been put into and has been helpful with my search for a new job. To that end, between he and his partners (also CPAs I worked for during my tenure with their firm), I have received 3 leads on open accounting manager type positions for client entities and submitted cover letters and resumes for each last week. Friday I had an interview lined up with one (a small law firm – also referred to me by my part-time boss #1). They have an immediate, contract-proposed job that could potentially evolve into a full-time gig in 2016, as their present CFO is retiring at the end of the year. As of this morning, I also have interviews with the other 2 firms and have identified several other positions of interest.

These are great developments and I’m delighted thus far. Positive response is always appreciated, and finding another position may not be as arduous as I have feared.

2 thoughts on “Part-time/remote job may not last long

  1. Great news and your network is really stepping for you! If one of the full time jobs works out will you keep this 3rd part-time gig for your old employer? Good luck on the interviews!

    1. Depends, actually. I wouldn’t mind keeping this part-time work through the end of the year, but it’s completely dependent upon circumstances. I’m happy about my network and the interviews, but I am actually scrambling trying to figure out what to wear. My lack of professional clothing has dwindled the last 10 years, and there is literally 1 skirt and 1 blouse I feel comfortable wearing to an interview. I’m scouring websites for local stores to see what they have in stock to minimize my mall shopping time.

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