I have been distracted with other matters and again forgot to post this yesterday.

On Friday, June 12, I posted my 80 days of summer to-do/goal list and committed to updating each week. It was a wild ride last week, but I did make some progress.

  1. Complete 1,000,000 steps on activity trackers. ON TRACK. For the 7 day period of Monday to Sunday, total steps between my treadmill desk steps and my Garmin viviofit2 activity tracker added up to 70,961. While this appears to be a fairly light week, my arm tracker has been out of commission after giving me a horrible heat rash on my wrist. It’s finally healed, but that’s 7 days of steps on my treadmill desk alone. I always ensure I achieve at least 10,000 steps per day while working, surfing, etc.
  2. Attend 25 classes yoga classes. ON TRACK. I had 3 practices this week – Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I would have liked to do more, with the high-stress week, but it just did not work with my schedule.
  3. Use gym membership for 30 sessions of strength training. FAIL THIS WEEK. I met with my trainer this week, but did not return to the gym either before or after that. While the gym represents strength training and weights, I do still do 45 to 60 minutes of cardio (rowing, arc trainer stepping) every single day. But I would like to not feel better about working with my trainer. He’s doing his part – teaching me how to use the weights and strength train safely – and I am falling down on consistently practicing.
  4. Lose 10 lbs. ON TRACK. Down another 0.5 lb. this week. I had a very stressful week last week, but I stayed conscious of my eating urges and curbed or redirected them pretty successfully. No sugar binges for me, although I did have mall food (pretzel, cookie) on Saturday. Scale is going in the right direction, though, so I’ll take it.
  5. Research CBT for eating habits. ABANDONED 
    The prohibitive cost combined with other issues going on has me tabling this as a goal for the summer.
  6. Decide upon and document funeral arrangement/wishes. FAIL THIS WEEKWith the job craziness last week I put off further discussions with funeral  homes. However, with my new remote schedule I should be able to get something going on this soon.
  7. Read two books per week. FAIL. No recreational reading again.
  8. Get a tan on my legs. ON TRACK. Spent a few hours on Saturday and on Sunday being in the pool or sitting pool side, so I finally have some color. My hair stylist also recommended a fake-bake foam she uses, so that is a possibility as well. Cheating? Perhaps. It would definitely save me some time.
  9. Hike with M 6 weekend days. FAIL. This may not be completed until our vacation in August.
  10. Post 12 goal progress updates. ON TRACK. Week 7 was all about work drama and trauma. While things are working out okay thus far, I still feel anxious about the completing the separation into part-time/remote or separating altogether. My boss is suddenly realizing what it all means (more on that in a separate post) and I’m not sure how sustainable this solution will actually work out to be.

Progress on goals is overall satisfactory, and I cannot put the rest of my life and responsibilites into cold storage (oh how I wish!) so I may complete these items perfectly. For as uneven as last week was, I’m delighted to have made any progress at all. I’m meeting my trainer Thursday morning, and from where I’m sitting right now it seems unlikely I’ll be in the gym before that time. It’s imperfect, but job and job search tasks are taking priority right now.

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