I am a little lot obsessed with work and job search matters right now, so my feelings will not be hurt if you skip this series of posts. While it has been only 2 days since my “new” part-time/remote schedule began, it feels forced on the part of my bosses to accommodate my needs. It’s akin to a pat on the head and some leniency until I get over my snit, which is not likely to happen anytime soon. Between the phone calls and the emails the past couple of days, I know it’s not going to be an easy transition for them. My admin has also been on vacation, yet she’s requesting (demanding) “meetings” to discuss her role now that I am stepping back and away. A huge part of why my boss appreciated me so much is that I kept her in line and away from him. Now that barrier seems to have been lifted, and they are both freaking out – he with trying to use me for cover, she trying to press this change to her advantage. It’s a mess I do not wish to be involved in, but unfortunately I am likely to have no choice in the matter.

Unless I find something else quickly.

Interviews are tomorrow at 10 a.m. (a couple of blocks from my house) and 4 p.m. (downtown), then another on Thursday at 1:30, again downtown. I will most likely wear the same clothes to both interviews tomorrow, but it’s supposed to be 106 here and I may end up wearing something else for the afternoon. Either way, I feel compelled to have at least 2 interview outfits ready to roll.

This morning I got my brows and lip waxed plus a manicure and a pedicure and had a very nice catch-up visit with my esthetician. She’s clear across town from me now, but I may just have to bite the bullet and drive there when needed, because she’s simply awesome. I asked her for some help with cosmetics, and she liked both the lip stain thing I’ve been using and agrees that I don’t need a lot of make-up to look competent and professional. She did show me how to use an eyeliner pencil and sent me off to the Clinique counter (my preferred skincare line) to buy one for myself. Other than that and reminding me to replace my mascara regularly, I am good to go.

While at the mall getting my eye pencil, I scoured the clearance racks at Nordstrom, Macy’s, and even wandered into a few other stores in search of nice-looking and hopefully reasonable priced interview cloths. I lucked out at Nordstrom with a pale gray pencil skirt and a simple light blue silk t-shirt style top reduced to $24 for both with discounts on top of the clearance prices. The sales associate assisting me responded with a nice navy blue linen blazer when I mentioned interview. It was kind of borderline size-wise, being snug around the waist when buttoned and the next size up being unavailable. However, I am on the downside of weight loss, and in 5 lbs. of body shaping this should fit nicely. Besides, who wears their jacket buttoned in 100+ temperatures? It looked good with the skirt and blouse, so I feel better about things. There was a linen skirt that matched the blazer, but linen wrinkles and I’d be a mess after driving anywhere. I passed on it.

When I got home FedEx had delivered a big box of dresses from Nordstrom. I love all of them, but my resolve was to keep only 2 of the 6 different styles I selected, assuming one of each fit well. I had to purchase a couple of different sizes in several, because I was not familiar with the brand and could not tell for sure from the reviews where I might land in the sizing chart. After trying on just about everything, I found 4 of the 6 fit perfectly and in the smaller size, and 2 were just not quite right on my body. A petite might have been better (I’m 5’5″, so kind of borderline when it comes to petite sizes), but it’s not the end of the world. I have the 4 hanging on various doors in my house, trying to decide which 2 to keep, which to return.

M is leaving before dawn tomorrow to run canyons, so I’m on my own with juggling interviews and such tomorrow. It will be fine. That’s my new mantra to quell my nerves: it will be fine. And in the scale of problems I could possibly have, it’s better than fine.

5 thoughts on “Interview prep continues

  1. It will be fine. Great even! The skirt/top/blazer sound fantastic – a lovely color combo! shoes? bag? And no need to button up the blazer at all! Good luck tomorrow!!!!

    1. Thanks! I’m going conservative – nice pair of simple matte black pumps and my trusty, classic black dooney bag. M thought the black dress was a little powerful, says it screamed BOSS BITCH! and could be a little scary for any subordinates who might observe me coming in for interviews. Maybe tomorrow, though.

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