I started my new remote schedule last week and for the most part, it went very well. Of course, it was the first week and everyone is getting accustomed to me not being in the office. I also had interviews on three of five days. Still, I found it was not that difficult to set a pace for myself and mostly efficiently manage my time. All the work I had for all my jobs is caught up, because the last week of any month is typically lighter and quieter. There were still some glitches that will be to be corrected going forward.

Today is the first day of the month, and as such I took some time to sketch out a framework of how to spend my time over the next week. In addition to all the job-related tasks on my plate right now, I also want to ensure I carve out time for yoga practice, meet my trainer and practice what we go over in our sessions, and get my allotment of cardio daily. In addition to those goals, I have to manage meetings, phone calls, and blocks of time just to focus on getting work done. It is most definitely doable, but I find it requires a lot more planning on my part.

What threw me – and I noticed it particularly this morning, on a Saturday – is planning for meals and drinking enough water. Sounds simple enough, but I have medications that must be taken before and after meals, and not every meal has the same meds associated with it. I am also impatiently awaiting my hormone matching therapies to be delivered and must also ensure those are applied timely, one the morning, one at bedtime, and preferably the same time six days per week. While I was on an office schedule it was no problem, because I got up and went to work, ate lunch, came home the same time daily and planned meds around those particular events. Now that I am keeping my own schedule, I have to ensure I eat at regular spacing, take the meds on schedule, and drink a lot of water.

This morning I decided to go to the 8 a.m. Bikram yoga class. Yay me, right? Except I got up at 6:30, took a shower, dressed, drank a glass of water, checked my blood sugar, and then debated whether or not to eat a small something and take meds or wait. Guidelines suggest not eating 2 hours before doing yoga, which I know but did not think through this morning. I finally decided to just do my practice and then eat after. I was fine – no sudden drops or low spot – but it threw my eating and meds schedule completely out of whack. I was eating my first meal and taking meds at 11 rather than 7:30, and so I am effectively 3 hours off for the balance of the day. Not good.

Unfortunately, I have been doing some version of this dance all week long, and it’s showing up in my skewed numbers. I have  had one low incident, in the middle of the day and it was easily corrected, but missing doses or going 8 or 9 hours in between is a recipe for disaster. I must do better with my planning if I am going to have good health and a self-directed work-life balance.

This afternoon I plan to hit the gym and do my strength training workout, tonight I’ll get more cardio here at home. In between, I have a few things for part-time #2 as well as an errand to pick up some documents from the law firm I have decided to work with on their project. Nothing is definite about full-time permanent job, but I can do the set-up and conversion for their accounting and time and billing software as a separate contract. I have had to set the alarm in my phone to remember to eat my second meal, take my meds, and am carrying around a 32 oz. camelbak bottle to drink water continuously. It’s a bit of a pain.

Tomorrow I want to attend the 9 a.m. yoga practice with my neighbor, so I’ll set my alarm to wake up at 6 and eat some breakfast, take my meds, and still have that 2 hour window prior to class. Lunch and dinner may just be earlier tomorrow, or I will have to breakdown and have small snacks to extend the timing.

My planner use while in my version of my job was more a way to track billable hours. My planner now is my timer and schedule and to-do list and must be followed a lot more closely. I am mostly likely going to have to bite the bullet and use my outlook like a grown up to keep myself on task. It truly is quite a lifestyle change.

Happy Saturday everyone! Hopefully none of you are looking at your planners or slave to your telephone and it’s alarms and reminders this weekend. I’ll learn, hopefully sooner rather than later.

5 thoughts on “Realizations and adjustments

  1. you are doing so good with the exercise…I keep listening to you and trying to convince myself just to go take a walk already….

    1. Thanks, M! I once thought the hardest part was just getting started, but I find that it took about a month of yoga practices and now a couple of meetings with my trainer to feel like I am over my initial anxiety. Going out for a walk in the heat out here would be a challenge for me as well.

      1. I do think get started is the hardest part, but certainly keeping it up is equally as hard! You can’t stop (my biggest mistake)

  2. outlook is your friend (sorta). I schedule things on it w/alerts ahead of time. otherwise it is easy to look up and not have eaten in 6 hours. it will you help you get into a routine – which is the hardest part of working remotely. but it sounds like a plan is falling into place! I never heard the 2 hour rule on the yoga – my instructor says 1 hour but light food. although it is not hot yoga.

    1. The teacher yesterday is a registered dietician (I used to work with her, when she was still in private practice) about it via email last night, and she says for me, a small meal AND taking my meds an hour prior to class is probably optimal. It’s not going to work tomorrow – I’m planning on a 5:30 a.m. class – but half a protein bar before with a glass of water should be okay and not set me back on my regular meds/eating schedule.
      And speaking of schedules – I’m going to be slave to my phone alarms for the next couple of weeks, until I get some cadence to my days set. It feels a little silly to have to set an alarm to remember to eat, but I get absorbed in whatever I’m doing and forget.

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