I am very quickly boring myself with my talk of goals, deadlines, new challenges. M is patient and kind about listening as I chatter along every waking moment (when not engaged in actually working towards said goal, deadlines, new challenges). But suffice to say I am very excited about this point in my life.

Still, job talk features very prominently lately in my immediate family, and all the kids seem to be in a state of (good) flux with employment as well.

  • C texted me last night to say her job is changing, that she is getting off weekend overnights. She is staying with the same organization and division of pet hospital, but changing shifts. The chain of events was interesting – one of the weekday day shift techs was leaving and the swing shift weekday tech got that, the weekend day shift tech was moving to the weekday swing shift position, and C is moving to the weekend day shift position. As she explained it she would have preferred the swing shift weekday shift, but the movement was based on seniority and she basically has none yet. Still, working weekends during the day is a lot better than working weekend overnights. She still picks up extra shifts during the week to round out her hours, but it’s a lot easier to keep her sleep clock on track. With the dogs and cats she and A have adopted and foster, it’s difficult to sleep during the day while he is at work.
  • K has been on the job hunt for a couple of weeks and received an offer yesterday. It’s a good offer, although not ideal. There is no perfect job, though. The money is less than what she was making in her previous position, but they told her there would be a review and “salary adjustment commensurate with progress” at 3 months. The benefits are a little better – they pay 100% for her medical, dental, vision and she would contribute only 20%of the cost if she wished to add G to her benefits – plus they give her a cell phone allowance of $50/month, 6% 401K match (HUGE!), and they are on a quarterly bonus system. The commute is longer and that’s an issue. However, they offer a 4-day work week AND she took my advice and negotiated a weekly work-from-home day, which means only 3 days of commuting. Ideally they would like to move, since she and G will now be working in the same general area, but they negotiated a longer lease for the home they are renting and have another year before that expires. Still, on the whole it’s a solid offer in her career field with a growing firm.
  • G has been increasingly frustrated with his job and his boss, so much so that he’s looked around at other opportunities. Monday (was that only yesterday?) he went to my gym (a different location) for an interview and got an offer to work for them. It’s not spectacular money, but it’s offers huge flexibility during the school year. Right now, he plans to work both jobs plus his marathon coaching gig and see how things shake out. I just want him to find his groove and be happy. I think the gym is a great fit, because he’s social guy and likes working with people.
  • A got a promotion a few weeks ago and is mired in training for his new career path/job track. He went from being a customer service phone rep to being a level 2 hardware technician. Still some phone work, but more the next level when a basic CSR cannot help you with phone hardware issues. I’m excited for him. He’s been with his big corporate cell phone firm for a year now, this is his first promotion, and he’s doing really, really well and loves what he is doing. I am delighted for him.
  • My young friend (sort of a child by choice) also works for the big corporate cell phone carrier with A and has recently finished her training and is now working at a customer service rep. She is doing really well, does not love the work but really likes her coworkers, is making new friends. She does really love the full-time paycheck and having great medical and dental benefits, and is now the proud resident of her first apartment where she lives alone, with regular visits from her boyfriend. Her car is cosmetically hideous yet runs well and is much safer now with a new set of tires. Best of all, though, she bought it for cash, fixed what needed repair to make it reliable, and shopped and purchased her own insurance. These are huge steps forward for her, and I am so proud of her progression and accomplishments.

All is well in my family unit, and it brings so much joy. I read stories every single day about parents with more challenging children than mine have ever been. It is easy to take for granted that my kids are grown and gone, but I know how fortunate I am to have had this easy of a time with mine. It’s reassuring and infinitely gratifying to see them thriving in their own separate lives as independent adults. I am not much of a worrier, but when it comes to kids the concern level ebbs and flows. These days it’s so nice to have parental concerns be on a back burner.

One thought on “Let’s not talk about goals …

  1. Commenting on your young friend – sounds like me 5 years ago. Fresh outta college during the hiring crisis. I never imagined I’d end up working in insurance, but I was grateful to have a job offer 2 months before graduation. I worked as an auto claims rep & honestly.. the work was terrible. Truly exhausting mentally. In due time though, I transferred to my current job that I love. Same company. In 5 years I’ve received about 10k increase in yearly salary. I also earned an extra week of PTO this year (granted, vacation & sick time is combined.. 25 days total). I have medical, dental, vision, life, short-term, & a 401k w/ 6% company match (on hold til Nov 15, 2015 when I pay off that huge chunk of debt.. tsk tsk I know). I like the HSA.. it forces me to save for medical/dental expenses, & I get a $500 contribution from my employer. But the medical itself leaves a lot to be desired. I only pay $69/month in premiums (only medical, no vision/dental/life), but I contribute $162/month to my HSA. I am required to pay 100% of all expenses up to my $2k deductible, no co-pays. So 1 basic doctor visit runs a cool $120. My employer offers no plans with co-pays. Then it shifts to 80/20 up to $4k yearly maximum. But at least beyond 4k, I am covered. So I’m grateful for that. Most of my expenses come in the form of dental, which is why I’m saving as much as I can in my HSA. The best perk of my job though is the flexibility. It’s not quite as flexible as yours, but in inclement weather (or when my car was stolen) I can work from home. I can also flex my schedule to make room for dr appts. I’m actually quite proud to have been with the same company since graduation. Ok, wow. I just made that comment all about me LOL. What I was trying to say was I have faith your young friend can work her way through the company with dedication (if she so desires). She may have never expected to be with this type of company, but it can be rewarding if you land the right position.

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