I began writing this post on Wednesday and did not get it finished or posted. It’s now Thursday, a new day.

I went to the lab this morning for my quarterly blood draw. No one there but me – yahoo! Happy dancing inside my head, plans to race home and eat breakfast before my 9 a.m. meeting.

Except the veins were not cooperating. Checking both arms, repeated stabs in both arms with butterfly needles, no blood appeared in her little tubes. Despite the gallons of water I have been consuming daily, apparently I am a little dehydrated. Could I possibly drink even more water and return tomorrow to try again? Not tomorrow (trainer appointment first thing in the morning requires fuel), but Friday. The lab technician assured me my doc would have results prior to my appointment next Wednesday.

My meeting at 9 was at the law firm to meet with associates and paralegals about time and billing, office equipment, and general administrative matters. That did not happen precisely as expected, because the octogenarian accountant was not only in the office today but he met me at reception, escorted me to his office, and proceeded to alternate between telling me there is no way I can get the information transferred into the new systems and balanced to the penny and ranting/raised-voice yelling at me about the changes the firm’s leadership is implementing. Shoot the messenger much? Yeah, it was unpleasant. After about 20 minutes I had had enough and told him if he was going to waste my time and act so unprofessionally I had no choice but to terminate the meeting with him, and he told me to “get the hell out of his office.” So I did. Only he did not just mean HIS office, he meant leave the premises and boy did he mean it.

Okay, then.

Now, the firm’s leadership were out of this morning and I was so shocked by this weird behavior I did indeed leave. Yep, I allowed an octogenarian to throw me out of an office where I have been contracted to do a job. An amazingly auspicious start to my new self-employed venture? Not so much.

While I was not nearly so amused in the moment – it was rather humiliating, like being sent to the principal’s office and then suspended from school for the day – the staff were kind to me and two of the associates caught up with me in the parking lot and counseled me not to take it personally, he rarely gets that crotchety and has done or tried that on all of them at one point or another, always when there are no bosses around to keep him in line. That made me feel better. That they had left messages for their bosses helped. I texted all four of them to let them know I was not slacking and unavailable until late afternoon, because I have to go to my other job to get the friend I recommended started over there – but we will try again tomorrow. The apologies via text and voicemail were profuse. At least two of the four bosses will be in the office tomorrow to ensure I get what I need with no interference, although I am quite concerned about this elderly man’s overall stability and health. His face got so flushed in his angry state today I actually felt guilty and worried he may drive himself to a heart attack or stroke.

My friend was hired by the local boss to take over all those tasks I used to do when I worked full-time in the office. It’s a win-win situation – she’s good at this type of work, we now have someone competent and that I trust to do a great job, and she desperately needs a steady paycheck with benefits. The schedule also suits her – 12:30 to 4:30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 8:00 to 4:30 on Thursday. I was there all afternoon going over where things are kept, explaining what needs to be done with regard to backlog of filing, scanning, and purging, plus what I would love for her to do for me to make my work-from-home life simpler and more pleasant. The other admin did not come in until 4 today, so I stayed long enough to introduce them and then jetted off to get back to my own job and life.

So now it’s Thursday and I’m about to leave for my training appointment, number 1 of 20. Hopefully later today I’ll have a chance to get my fitness page going. I also just realized last night that I did not update 80 days of summer, so hopefully that will be before the week completely gets away from me. Exciting time, self employment. I have been uber busy this week – first week of the month is busy across the board with clients – and I am happy to report I also picked up another small job doing the books for a local vet. Things are actually settling down and going well, despite yesterday’s setback.

I’m off to meet my trainer.

4 thoughts on “My ducks are falling out of their row

  1. Oh my! what an awkward situation to be in. Sounds like you handled it as well as possible. Good grief man – you are 82 fricken years old – the retirement ship has LONG passed. Way past time to pass the torch. What are they going to do with him to nudge him into retirement?

    1. They actually retired him yesterday/today. It was unpleasant, and thankfully I did not have to see it (or him). I hope when I’m that age to have a fuller life than just a job.

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