Coordinating my 20 hour commitment with personal trainer J, I have established a few goals to achieve from this regular fitness regimen. They are as follows:

  1. Weight – Drop 20 lbs. This seems like a conservative goal, considering I have 5 months to get it done, but losing weight is really challenging. I am hit-and-miss with cleaner eating and it is a constant struggle to consume enough protein and vegetables. I would eat nothing but carbohydrates, dairy, and sugar if left to my own devices and completely uncaring about my overall health.
  2. Strength training – 3 times per week on my own. I have a one-hour session with J each week, and I want to do 3 other sessions on my own to practice as we build upon what he has taught me in our time together. I am already learning the value of our sessions and then immediately following up afterwards on my own helps me figure out where I am still having issues and what I cannot remember. Each time he checks-in and reviews what we did the previous session, reviewing form and helping me with adjustments.
  3. Stretching/Flexibility – 3 to 4 yoga practices per week. I have an unlimited membership for another 13 months at my local Bikram studio, so I have the resource available to meet this goal. Now I just need to make myself stick to the schedule (Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday and/or Sunday mornings) as consistently as possible.
  4. Cardio/HIIT – 3 days per week. My treadmill desk keeps me on my feet and walking the minimum 10,000 steps per day, plus I row on an indoor rower and/or use the arc trainer in our living room a few times per week as well for 20 to 60 minutes. However, I want to incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) of 30 minutes 3 times per week.
  5. Post updates each week. I have 20 hours/20 weeks of this program, which will officially began todayand will run through the end of 2015, which is actually 22 weeks when I counted it out. I know we are on vacation on 3 separate 5-day stretches in that period, though, so I give myself some room to maneuver and account for illness or scheduling craziness that prevents me from utilizing my training hour. Updates should be going up on Fridays.

That’s my master plan and goals for the rest of summer and into the fall. My 80 days of summer series has been going so well this is a natural transition for escalating my overall health and wellness improvement goals.

I am going to create a page from this post and link each update to it as I move along.

6 thoughts on “New Goals – Fall Fitness 2015

  1. Yeah! Goals!!! one thing to consider on the first goal. I’ve been training, cardio and clean eating (mostly) since end of January and lost 15 pounds. BUT I am down multiple sizes (on the verge of one more down) and my body has reshaped dramatically. So maybe add an “or” to the first goal of “down one size” or “clothes fitting” – whatever. I don’t want you to get discouraged if the scale doesn’t move. I’ve had more than one moment where I looked at the scale and said WTF – I’m killing myself and nothing?!?!? Then I remember the cute clothes i bought in smaller sizes, take a deep breath and keep going. You are going to feel awesome!
    One more thing – are you giving yourself a day off each week from the exercise to give your body a rest? I’ve found if I don’t do that regularly I can’t progress. So some days I do two things (yoga/cardio/train) but one day a week I do nothing. Helps me keep making progress and not burning out.

    1. I hear ya on the weight loss and should probably modify that. I thought 20 lbs. was reasonably conservative, and if I’m only 5 lbs. but 5 sizes down as a result of this work I will not be upset. Truth is I don’t pay a lot of attention to the scale anymore – despite M’s daily weigh-in and reports on where he is at any given day – it’s all about the CLOTHES!
      J and I talked about form this morning. He’s “Mr. Technique” (which I kind of already knew), but I was glad to see he introduced only one new thing this week (because we did not get to it last week) and we worked relentlessy on the exercises he has demonstrated thus far – from the warm up routine to each of the floor exercises he’s teaching me now. I am doing better, improving, but he made some corrections and adjustments and we kept at it until I could feel the differences and will (hopefully) be able to repeat them on my own. So I’ll work on those this week and then we will go over it again next Thursday. While he would love to dazzle me and introduce new things each and every session, truth is I need it to go this slowly and work on each individual form and movement. It has occurred to me that I would be his most boring client if I never work out between sessions and therefore never make any progress, so I’m happy that we agreed on a 2 quality workouts on what he has demonstrated inbetween.
      I do have a rest day, but right now I’m not sure which day it’s going to be. Thus far it floats around depending on the other demands on my time and will probably continue through our vacation in September. After that, I may pick a day (probably Monday) and make it happen.
      I am so encouraged and motivated by the whole process right now, though. There is some weird stiffness in my right shoulder and right knee, but strangely the exercise thus far does not aggravate it at all. It’s only now, when I’m standing at my desk eating a sandwich does it even twinge enought to merit thought. The shoulder is mousing, the knee is some genetic mystery. I also have very tight ankles – weird, huh? But hopefully stepping up the yoga will help out with all that.

    1. Hey Ben, thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog. Exercise and such is only part of what gets discussed here, but I’m glad you stopped by.
      My DH is a retire ultramarathon racer, still logs a lot of mileage daily just for fun and to support our many runner friends, and my son is a marathoner and coaches a group training for the California international marathon in December, so I am quite familiar with the path you are pursuing.

  2. Finally! Someone who understands – it is all-out the clothes!!!! 😉 Tight ankles? That is a new one on me. I have tight hips and shoulder issues (gone through frozen shoulder on both sides) – but just keep plugging away and it is loosening up. We’ve done a bunch of new stuff this week and I’ve really had a mental breakthrough about the whole thing. Really enjoying the physical challenge, loving the results and determined to get where I want to be. For me the mental breakthrough takes longer than the physical.
    Remember – better to do a few things right and reap the benefits than have a whole slew of exercises you do wrong!

    1. Oh ABSOLUTELY the clothes! It seems to me the cuter clothes and nicer fabrics always run small, so I don’t care what size the tag says, I just want what I want and it hangs nicer when I am standing up straight and not slouching with extra weight, etc.
      I’ve never had good ankles – tore them both up on different occasions playing tennis in high school – so his comment did not surprise me in the slightest. Lunges are coming and J was mentioning it in passing this morning while we were working on deadlifts. It’s all good. I am determined to master this series of exercises and stay focused while we are on vacation at the end of this month.
      So excited you’re enjoying the mental breakthrough – it does seem adjusting my attitude toward working out is a lot harder than just getting busy and getting it done. Sometime you must share with me what your breakthrough was to take the first steps on this journey – that must be quite a story

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