Yesterday was my first of 20 personal training appointments. As I mentioned in the post, I created a small set of goals to accompany this learning-series with my trainer. I am rather ridiculously uninformed about muscles, muscle groups, joints, strength, flexibility – basically all things fitness. But I am learning. I have hired a tutor in trainer J. Yesterday was actually our fourth meeting, but the first in my purchased series. We are still on floor work basics with some TRX thrown in for fun.

As this is my first “official” update, there is not much news to report or status to update. But hey, it’s Friday and I want to start strong, because it is likely updates may be late or not appear in the future. To start off with, here is the list of the floor exercises J is teaching me and working on technique with me right now:

  • Glute bridge
  • High tension plank
  • Goblet squat
  • TRX row
  • Kettle bell sumo deadlift
  • TRX pushup
  • Band resist rotation press
  • X-band walk

And with that, here my goals and progress report for the week.

  1. Weight – Drop 20 lbs. First week, first report, no changes … yet. But as commenter SAK and I were discussing in yesterday’s comments, I am not so worried about what the scales say so much as I am interested in how the clothes fit. For me, the very best indicator of how successful I am in this endeavor is in how the clothes fit. In addition to saving for my next go-round of personal training in 2016, my clothing allowance is being hoarded for significant milestones, events, or the killer sales that I know are coming. And I fully anticipate buying clothing in smaller sizes and/or different types of flattering styles even if the scale has not moved at all.
  2. Strength training – 3 times per week on my own. My next session with J is Thursday morning, and I am planning on going through my currently assigned exercises on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. It’s on my calendar with the most annoying reminder alarms, so I feel committed to this course of action.
  3. Stretching/Flexibility – 3 to 4 yoga practices per week. I was at yoga practice last night, am attending a different class tonight, and will be there tomorrow morning with my next door neighbor, so this is looking positive and successful for the week. Looking at my schedule and best use of my time, I want to experiment with 5:30 a.m classes as well. It’s an issue of consistency; I need to find a routine that works for me.
  4. Cardio/HIIT – 3 days per week. Rowing is my cardio drug of choice. I usually row 20 to 45 minutes per day, every morning, but I may move this to evenings instead. Again, it’s a time management issue. HIIT is in the future; I need to figure out how to do this to make it most effective for me.
  5. Post updates each week. Here we are – update from session 1 of 20. Not much going on yet, but the overall plan of attack is taking shape.

And with that, I am off to try out a Friday evening, non-Bikram yoga class at the studio. Happy weekending everyone!

7 thoughts on “Fall Fitness 2015: #1 – It’s all about the clothes!

  1. Will you please have M take a picture of you doing the plank and send it to me pleaseee…because I can’t do it for the life of me. But really you are kicking ass!

    1. OMG – NO! Do you want to scare people? I am currently doing battle with the plank, and plank is winning. But I will keep up my practice and hopefully J will not be laying on the floor showing me AGAIN what I should be doing ….

  2. Great update! I will be watching for them every Friday – I love following along. This is great “with the most annoying reminder alarms” – love it!

    Go you on the plank – I hate them. So of course trainer D had me do them yesterday but one legged (plank and then lift leg). When I dropped early in the 2nd set he made me keep going and then in the 3rd just kept talking me through the whole thing. I love that he is willing to push me harder than I would push myself – doesn’t let me give in to excuses. And I’m pleased that we’ve built a level of trust so that when he says I can do it – not matter what the voices in my head say – I will do it because I trust him. This is his area of expertise not mine – so I extend the same trust to him that my clients extend to me on my expertise – and he hasn’t let me down.

    My success of the week – went and returned some pants to REI (getting ready for a big adventure and pants are tough to find). Decided to stop and look at the clothes on the sale rack – just wishful thinking right because I am/was a plus size girl and you know they never have plus size clothes, XXL, etc. Found a skirt and top that were cute in XL. What the heck – I’ll try them on – get a sense of how much more I need to lose/change in my shape for them to fit. They fit just fine. And looked cute. Off the rack – XL!!!! For context – in 2012 I wore a plus size 24. The cashier (you knew I bought them right?) even commented how cute the outfit would look on me. Could not have been grinning any wider.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. OMG! Clothes that FIT are REI? You are making great strides! I am easing down into the 12/14 range and still find many of their brands and clothing items intimidating. Maybe at Christmas I’ll be ready to browse for myself while shopping for M. He loves REI.
      My decision this week was not to think I hate anything until I have mastered it, then I can despise it all I want. Until then, I am frustrated because presently lack the strength to do it properly … sure makes it a lot easier to focus and pursue perfect form. J is really working with me on the small adjustments to make it right, so even if I feel like I am barely planking I am feeling it in my burning abs even if it seems like I am hardly off the floor. But I presently have a very strong dislike of them, too.

  3. I love TRX! My trainer has a class just on TRX once a week that he throws in for free if you train with him. We did 300 reverse lunges the other day (150 per leg) and boy, am I feeling it! Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Angela! Thanks for visiting/following and for your comment. The TRX is a little tougher for me, if only because I have trust issues with the straps and the suspension fixture. What if it falls down while I’m leaning my big giant self into it? When I unintentionally muttered that outloud, trainer replied that if that were to happen we’d all have much bigger problems than me falling down. My gym offers TRX classes as well, but I’m thus far way too timid to try one out!

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