On Friday, June 12, I posted my 80 days of summer to-do/goal list and committed to updating each week. It was a wild ride last week, but I did make some progress.

  1. Complete 1,000,000 steps on activity trackers. ON TRACK. For the 14 day period of Monday to Sunday, total steps between my treadmill desk steps and my Garmin viviofit2 activity tracker added up to 362,685, divided pretty evenly between week #8 (174,441) and week #9 (188,244).
  2. Attend 25 classes yoga classes. ON TRACK. Good times and good weeks for yoga – 4 classes each week.
  3. Use gym membership for 30 sessions of strength training. ON TRACK. I met with my trainer on Thursdays both weeks and have been at the gym almost daily and going through the floor routines he’s provided every other visit.
  4. Lose 10 lbs. ON TRACK. Down 0.5 lb. this week, up 1 lb. last week, but I’m doing okay with th eating so not too concerned about it.
  5. Research CBT for eating habits. ABANDONED 
    The prohibitive cost combined with other issues going on has me tabling this as a goal for the summer.
  6. Decide upon and document funeral arrangement/wishes. ON TRACKWe did tours of two local cemetaries and talked to them about prepaid arrangements. No firm decisions about final resting places as yet, because we may not retire/live in this area through our eventual expiration dates. For now, I believe we will set aside funds specifically for funeral arrangements and leave current preferences in our trust binder just in case something unexpected happens before we get around to a final decision.
  7. Read two books per week. FAIL. No recreational reading again. The start of self-employment has consumed my spare time.
  8. Get a tan on my legs. ON TRACK. No longer blinding white, I have settled into a nice light golden color. Walking the block on weekends is doing wonders for my coloring.
  9. Hike with M 6 weekend days. FAIL. This may not be completed until our vacation in August.
  10. Post 12 goal progress updates. ON TRACK. Weeks 8 and 9 were all about work and settling in on a cadence and schedule to get things done.

Summer is progressing well, and I feel good about where I am right now. Life and its priorities change rapidly, and I am both victim and beneficiary of the unexpected twists and turns. I am moving forward in incremental baby steps, though, and for that I’m happy.

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