So I’m zipping along through my life and times and finding that the good old calendar and pen work really well sometimes for simplifying what computer wants to make so much more complicated.

On the work front, business is booming. I met with another potential contract Wednesday afternoon and it looks likely I will be picking up more work starting next month. This latest opportunity is again courtesy of my former CPA firm and will involve doing certified payroll and reporting. Not a big giant job that will blow up my business model, but it’s a nice, steady stream of work twice monthly.

The law firm gig is humming along and is almost full-time type hours right now. It will settle down after this month, but we’re transitioning and it is taking a fair amount of time to updating banking relationships, understand the work flow, and figure out where things are stored in the office. Partners and staff have been friendly, helpful, and supportive, which is what I always hope for when going into a new business situation. Lawyer who knocked me over on Monday is also paying to replace/repair my torn dress (my choice). Totally not necessary, but he feels guilty about what happened and is insisting. It is very kind of him.

My employee job is also going pretty well, settling down. The friend I recommended for the in-the-office job is doing well, she likes the people, the work, and the schedule. Other admin is not happy about the situation at all, but I cannot bring myself to care at all. Both bosses have asked me to reconsider my board position, and I am doing so with mixed feelings. I do like and want the best for the majority of the staff, so it’s hard to say no from that regard. Also, since I am now building a small business of my own outside of that job it’s easier to stay more neutral, less emotional about the genuine small-ball attitudes and positions of the owners. Maybe someday I will have employees (probably not) and feel differently about the owners’ behaviors (hey, anything is possible).

By far the largest challenge I have faced to date is scheduling my time. My other part-time jobs have picked up, now that there is more freedom of movement during business hours their requests for help have stepped up as well. I still do the majority of their accounting at night and on the weekend, but I also find myself doing research and phone calls and writing reports during the business day. I map out my schedule with blocks of time, including breaks for meals, yoga practice, and even the gym. Weekends remain relatively unfettered, although if M is off to run the canyons and I have no other plans I tend to work.

Since I am just starting out on this self-employment type venture, I am learning to find my balance between work and non-work. My concerted efforts to eat healthier and get more exercise also impact the scale. Overall, I think I am doing pretty well thus far. While I am working more than the standard 40 hours per week, I am also pushing some very specific short-term goals with work, so I do not anticipate these hours being available for me indefinitely. Mostly I am trying to stay mindful and conscious of how I am utilizing my time budgets.

Discussion with the kids last night at dinner finds K likely to be starting off on a wonderful new job adventure, C not delighted with the work she is presently doing, A enjoying his promotion, and G gearing up for a new coaching gig (California international marathon) and working more hours and prepping for fall classes. I feel badly for C, not enjoying the work she is trained for, and it is difficult to know what to advise her other than keep doing it until she figures out what she’d prefer and gets onto a better career pathway. These are lessons in life, though, and she is a smart girl and will figure it out. For now, she works weekends and one other day during the week, so it could be much worse.

Outside of work, C and A are also working with a trainer at their gym, presently focused on their cardio and improving eating habits. Their experience thus far is different than mine with trainer J, but it was fun comparing notes. Their guy seems to be working for them, after a fashion, but with their schedules, commitments, and responsibilities it is a challenge to remain on a consistent schedule.

Despite tragic events intersecting with my life, things are good, even really good … which tends to make me a little nervous. But I’m working on that. *smile* For today I am simply going to relax and get through my weekend to-do. The concepts and ideas are still fuzzy and coming into focus, but I’m sure there’s a future post there somewhere.

I am off to dress and prepare for 10 a.m. Bikram yoga and then a trip to the mall to return some pants (too big! YAHOO!), laundry, gym tonight. Because all the FUN couples out there go to the gym on Saturday night, right?

Happy Saturday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Work-Life-Balance update

  1. Returning too big pants – WIN!!!! Go you! Sounds like the self-employment thing is working well. Piece of advice based just on what you have said here – I’d pass on the Board seat at the old place. It is just a step back into the drama that you don’t need (IMHO). And on scheduling time – I just updated my calendar with workout/yoga schedule. A wee bit intimidating (I’m mixing things up and adding some stuff) – but hey – I do what the calendar tell me to do – so I guess I will do it! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, SAK. I’m leaning that way as well, and if it means I terminate my relationship so be it. My confidence on staying financially afloat is growing and I have done some research on private health insurance for DH and I. It’s going to be expensive, but so it staying with the firm in non-financial ways. I can make more money and buy insurance, but I cannot compensate myself for the mental stress.

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