I ventured over to the mall this afternoon to return some pants purchased online that were too big. M has been sidelined most of the weekend with some kind of virus that has sucked the energy and life from him, so he’s been Netflix marathoning while sleeping most of the days away. Hopefully I will not catch it, but I suspect it’s more fatigue from a few straight nights of insomnia.

Anymore, it’s a rare event I go to the mall solo and without some predetermined mission to get my shop on. Returning something put me in the position of walking by racks and racks of on-sale clothes with the season changing. While it’s difficult to get excited about long sleeves when it’s still 90+ outside, the beautiful colors suck me in every time. I looked, I touched, I thought really hard … and then tore myself away. My new rule is no more clothes until I am either 10 lbs. lighter or a size smaller. I have plenty of stuff now to tide me over until then, including the two pairs of pants I just got that are perfect for our upcoming vacations and my leisure lifestyle. I also have some smaller sized favorite jeans and such that I kept through the closet purges. Not a lot, but a few. It will be a happy day when I can crack open that box and try on the goodies therein. My ultimate goal is an old pair of levi 501 jeans from high school that have not connected comfortably with my butt since just after my first child was born. I was not at perfect skinniest then either, but I was much closer than I am right now. It seems an impossible dream – a from here to eternity situation – yet I have saved those jeans for 30+ years. I can surely hang on through another year (or few) of consistent exercise and careful, conscious eating to see if I can get them buttoned once more.

I resisted the accessories section and only quickly scanned the shoe department. I walked through the rest of the mall and window shopped but managed to tear away with only a single Wentzel’s pretzel purchased. Blowing my carb budget completely out of the water today, but I cut it in half and will live to blow it again tomorrow. Unless M is feeling better and eats it for me.

The allure of the mall still calls out to me, but I’m much better about it. I am far from a true minimalist, but I have been researching and capsule wardrobes wondering if that could work for me (not likely). But I do like my latest methods of retiring/donating something for each new thing I purchase. I have quite the t-shirt collection – my primary job for more than 10 years was very casual – and I resisted the urge to buy a couple of new ones. When I do, though, I will donate or throw away one I already own so the actual number of shirts does not increase. Believe me that I already have the donation shirts picked out and am so ready to throw them into the box.

I will be patient, though. My closet is no longer bursting but still plenty full and there is nothing I need. Want? Oh yes! The want list seems infinite right now.

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