On Friday, June 12, I posted my 80 days of summer to-do/goal list and committed to updating each week. It’s hard to believe summer is nearly concluded, but here it is, August 24, and in our neighborhoods the kids returned to school almost 2 weeks ago. It is strange to see the few in my neighborhood trudging up the street toward elementary school with their little backpacks again, but that is my primary indicator that fall will soon be here.

  1. Complete 1,000,000 steps on activity trackers. ON TRACK. For the 7 day period of Monday to Sunday, total steps between my treadmill desk steps and my Garmin viviofit2 activity tracker added up to 296,433 steps. I was quite busy this weekend, trying to catch up and get ahead before we leave on Wednesday for our summer vacation.
  2. Attend 25 classes yoga classes. ON TRACK. Good times and good weeks for yoga – 6 practices this week – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I am attending enough practices these days to actually see and feel some progress on the poses.
  3. Use gym membership for 30 sessions of strength training. ON TRACK. I met with my trainer on Thursday and again this morning and have been so busy most of my workouts have been at home. Not the best, but I am doing something every day.
  4. Lose 10 lbs. ON TRACK. Down 2 lbs. this week. The carb counting continues, but more importantly the not snacking has been ruthlessly implemented. Honestly, the difference in everything is amazing.
  5. Research CBT for eating habits. ABANDONED 
    The prohibitive cost combined with other issues going on has me tabling this as a goal for the summer.
  6. Decide upon and document funeral arrangement/wishes. COMPLETE. We established a separate account strictly for burial costs and have written detailed instructions about our current preferences in our trust binder. This is something we will revisit every year or two as we update our will and trust documents.
  7. Read two books per week. PROGRESSWork has mostly taken over my life, but in a fit of insomnia I finally finished Lean Habits, which for me is becoming a simple roadmap for making peace with food and eating a balanced diet.
  8. Get a tan on my legs. COMPLETE. I am calling this good and done. I have a nice base tan on my legs and am ready to go on vacation … wearing pants. We like to walk and to hike and will be out and about a lot in the sun, and I would rather cover up than wear sunscreen.
  9. Hike with M 6 weekend days. FAIL. Hopefully by my last report next week I will have fulfulled this, even if the weekend days evolves into “hike 6 days.” As always my DH is remarkably supportive and encouraging of my endeavors, and he has not complained about my new business consuming so much of our time. He, too, has been busy with projects for one of my clients as well as helping/supporting running friends at races and events.
  10. Post 12 goal progress updates. ON TRACK. Week 11 was again work, work, and more work. But I am prioritizing my exercise, getting plenty of yoga practice, and being at home working means I see a lot of M, despite the fact that I am actually working.

Next week I wrap up this series, with a final tally of how I did with each of my goals. I must say I’m feeling good and confident about the outcome, but there are 7 days left and there may be something on the horizon that surprises me. In truth it will be nice to just be posting a single email about goals, with my Fall Fitness 2015 series, but this has been fun and taught me a lot about goals and accountability.

5 thoughts on “80 days of summer – week #11

  1. You are doing fantastic with this! Do you think the weekly posts helped keep you motivated? And I totally need to work on getting my legs tan – but too hot for me for now.

    1. I actually do think posting every week is very motivating for me. This one was sort of a slow starter, but it was also my first. The fall fitness challenge overlapped and seems so much better organized, if only because I am now more experienced with this sort of posting series.
      Having my personal training sessions as the centerpiece and primary reason for the series gives me a much better foundation, and I really will enjoy looking back at what I was learning and how I felt about it. Soon – probably after our vacation in September – my focus will turn to my cardio efforts and sharpening my focus on diet and all I am eating.
      As for the tan – next year I am totally going fake-bake. My hair stylist showed me this fabulous mouse tanning foam she uses and it looks totally natural and nice.

      1. Don’t leave me hanging – what is the fabulous mouse tanning foam? I bought some racerback workout shirts and I have a tank top tan – not pretty!

      2. *laugh* You and me both! The name escapes me – she got it at the beauty supply house – but I’ll text her and ask her for it again so I can tell you. She’s going to get a can/bottle for me while I’m away and I’ll get it from her when I go back to have her shape my brows.
        You GO GIRL with those racerback tops! I wish I could find another front-clasping racerback sports bra to replace the one I just had to retire. I have no desire to dislocate my shoulders or ask for help getting in and out of those that are just pull on.

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