I’m heading off tomorrow and plan to indulge my love of reading as well as stumble and bumble our way through Seattle. Read any good books lately you’d recommend?

Trainer J referred me to a couple of interesting blogs and I have some beach books downloaded from Kindle Unlimited, but I am always seeking more, More, MORE! So if you are or have read anything interesting lately or that you just really enjoy please email me or leave suggestions in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Good reads?

  1. I need guidance – what kind of books do you like? Laurie King – mystery series – start at beginning with Bee Keeper’s Apprentice. Nevada Barr – mystery series set in National Parks. Deborah Harkness – All Souls Trilogy. David Mcculloch – Path between the Seas (on Panama Canal). uhhh..i have super geeky things to I can recommend. Business stuff. More mysteries (my light reading of choice).

    1. Yep, you and me both on the mysteries! I’ve read Deborah Harkness and I THINK maybe Nevada Barr, but the others I’m looking at tonight. This is vacation – I’m not reading any business or diet books, although I am now visiting blogs trainer recommended to try and pep up my mental game. Perhaps I’m also just curious as to how the rest of the reading world reads. There are a few things I’m contemplating that I found on a life coach’s blog, but I’ll see how it goes. I’m also going to try and stay away from the financial pages and stock market. I’m not especially worried, but the media headlines are supremely irritating.

      1. John Sanford is a fav, for sure. Lincoln Child – sound familiar and I will have to look. How long will you be in Alaska? I think J correctly diagnosed my problem – too much forefoot, not enough heel and no knee pain.

  2. I still have to remind myself on the heel vs forefoot. We are in Alaska for a week. A bit of a last minute (for me) vacation. We try to take trips to celebrate birthdays, etc – and this is what hubby wanted to do. We’ve been once before but this one is slightly different itinerary and so much to see still.

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