M and I went to Costco to buy a replacement recessed LED for my bathroom. When we remodeled 3+ years ago we installed these and have been delighted with them. However, one of the two them began blinking intermittently in the last several weeks, the way a tube light does when the ballast goes bad. When he looked at it previously, M thought it might the fancy dimmer switch causing the problem, then he figured it must be the ballast-like box in the fixture itself. Costco had two packs of these for $26.99, so we went to buy a box to see if that resolved the problem.

Only while we were there, we found they finally have the 100 watt equivalent LED bulbs for $57.99 for a box of 10. I know, I know – $5.80 per bulb sounds like a lot! At first glance I was not terribly excited, because all the other LED bulbs they had in lower wattages were soft white and we have been searching for reasonably priced daylight 100 watt bulbs. Then I read the box: DAYLIGHT bulbs. This was a Very Big Deal for us, because the cheapest we had been able to find this style and color of bulb has been about $14/each. Since we need quite a few to retrofit the entire house (we bought 4 boxes of 10 and need another box of 10), $14/bulb was going to be a very expensive changeover.

By the time we get rid of every single CFL in the house, it will be $313.15 to update every bulb-using fixture. Ouch! But we have had our misgivings about CFL bulbs for quite awhile and this update is worth it to us. M in particular is always yearning for more light, and the difference between the soft white and the daylight is very noticeable in our white walls everywhere house. Hopefully these things work as advertised and we will not be buying replacement bulbs anytime soon.

But we did not stop with our replacement recessed light fixtures and light bulb purchase. We also acquired a LED ceiling light for our laundry room, which will be going back. That 100 watt equivalent transforms our laundry room a much brighter place.

Will these bulb changes greatly reduce our electric bill? It’s seems unlikely. However, we feel better with the LED bulbs in our fixtures versus the CFL predecessors. We have a source to donate the CFL bulbs, so I will not have to pay for disposal. This is not the most cost effective energy efficiency update we will make, but for us it’s well worth the funds expended.

One thought on “Lightbulb zen

  1. I checked our Costco today and no luck 😦 I am going to check on line and worse case I will have to get them a few at a time at Lowes or Home depot.

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