It’s Thursday and my regularly scheduled appointment with trainer J is at 8:30. I usually leave my house around 7:30, arrive at the gym and go upstairs to warm up in the cardio room for 30 minutes or so. It’s not so much about the warming up – I have usually rowed or gone to yoga before our meeting – so much as preparing mentally to be at the gym and working on whatever he has planned.

I frequently the same people I see there at tshis time on Thursdays, but there are always new faces. Today there was a youngish guy running along on one of the treadmills in the series where I like to be, the thundering herd sound was impossible to ignore. Other than that I really did not take much notice, until another member bumped into me and I dropped my phone just in front of his machine. As I was straightening from picking it up, I got an eyeful of the front of the running dude’s shorts. I wish I did not notice, but honestly his package was flopping around all over the place as he was running along and it both embarrassed me that I noticed and made me wonder how that could possibly be comfortable.

Okay, that was bad enough. I do not typically look at strange men’s crotches while they are exercising. Heck, I barely look at the other members in general. But once I had seen that this morning, I found myself looking discreetly at all the other male members I passed wondering if they too were excercising sans drawers. Thankfully common sense and modesty kept me from looking too closely, but my restraint was probably directly related to my “I am going to burn in Hell FOR SURE for this” guilty feelings. And I am not even Catholic.

When I got home I told M about the experience. M, being a runner, says the guy is either a exhibitionist, a masochist, or not really running, because that would NOT be a comfortable experience. He agrees I could possibly be headed to the firey pit for my actions but appreciates that I have kind of a dirty mind and am aspiring to be an amature voyuer. Somehow his very amused commentary was not very comforting.

Ah well. I suppose it could be worse. Of course, it could have always been better, too. If I am going to burn I would really like it to be a more significant, more satisfying sin.

9 thoughts on “I’m going to burn for this ….

  1. Most women would burn in hell then. Who goes without underwear while exercising, someone who wants to be looked at. Hope it was a nice picture though, no sagging parts please. Cheryl

    1. It would be one thing if it was attractive, but it was quite the opposite. Just ewww. If our paths cross again I’ll cover my eyes or turn around and go some other section of the club for my workout.

  2. As a recovering Catholic I can assure you that you won’t burn for that – you wouldn’t even be close to getting a little warm. It isn’t like you touched him or anything! Besides – running like that – ewwwhhh – if he is doing that he wants to be noticed. And hey – if you weren’t able to look at the eye candy at the gym – what fun would that be?!

    1. True, true – thanks for making me feel better. He didn’t really qualify as “eye candy” in my book; I may know far too many runners (M included!) to find them all that spectacular of physical specimens. But it was primarily an ewww moment. I mean, seriously, who wants to see all that sloshy-ness, now distastefully branded into my brain forever. It was like a full-figured woman running without a bra. NOT pretty!

    1. Agreed! I just wonder what sort of attention he was hoping to receive? Still ewww, but maybe there are men/women out there who find that sort of thing attractive.

  3. Please if I tried to run with out a bra I would have to black eyes and a bloody nose. Maybe you should have politely said”excuse me put you are make a not so public spectacle out of yourself, plus I am sure you have a hell of a rash from that tiny thing bouncing around”. What an idiot. And as a Catholic believe if you are going to hell it is not for that..hell in my mind is reserved for mass murderers, child molesters, rapists and anyone who abuses another. You my dear are none of those you are safe in whatever your view of heaven in

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