Hard to believe, but this is the 600th published post on my humble little blog. When I started in December 2013, I could easily imagine myself fizzling out before I made triple digits. Apparently I have had a lot more to say and many more tales to share than originally anticipated. The journey of writing about my life seems as full of twists and turns and dramas and happy ongoings as any life we each live. To celebrate 600 posts, a little story from my recent vacation.

We ended up changing hotels and wound up at an Extended Stay America in Redmond, Washington. It was not a terrible place – actually quite quiet and full of business travelers working or training or doing something at the Microsoft campus directly across the street. The bed was uncomfortable to me – I actually like a bed that does not feel like a plywood plank – but it was nice having a kitchenette and an apartment sized refrigerator.

In keeping with my exercise goals, I had a set of stretchy bands (mine) and loops borrowed from trainer J. One of the things he taught me to do with the stretchy loops was what he refers to as the “monster walk” which is essentially walking forward, backward, and sideways with the band kept taut around the ankles, stretching out as you take steps, and keeping the upper body straight and still. It’s much harder than it looks and sounds, but I was determined to do this every day of our stay. Since our hotel room was not ideal (only about 8 steps across), I took to monster walking each morning up and down the long hallway right outside our room.

On the same floor was a young family with 2 little boys. From their window they watched me walk by the first time (going forward) and then came outside to observe more closely, especially when I was going backwards. I very quickly developed a following. The boys began to mimic my movements while asking all sorts of curious questions about the “inter tube” on my ankles. I explained that it was designed to make my legs stronger, and they told me very seriously that it was good I was in training to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse. The littler one was so charmed by the idea that he was very quickly declaring he wants to be like trainer J when he grows up, telling adults how to make their legs stronger to run away from zombies. It was both terrifying (talking zombies with a 4 year old?) and adorable.

So there you have it, the truth is out: I am officially building my strength for a very specific future disaster. You know I need to be ready – that zombie apocalypse could happen any minute now.
To my readers, a heartfelt THANK YOU for reading, for commenting, for hanging in and hanging on with me through 600 posts. There are moments when I am certain my life is completely uninteresting – even to me – and it becomes a struggle to write about it in readable ways, much less entertaining, informational, or anything other positive terms. Sharing the glimpses into my world here has become a cathartic practice for me, and the encouragement I receive from your comments and feedback is simply priceless. THANK YOU!

6 thoughts on “Post #600 – In case of zombie apocalypse

  1. Well I am glad to hear you are going to be ready for the Zombies! Monster Walk over here because I have an awesome stockpile of food and tp when that time comes…..lolz

    1. *laugh* But it’s so COLD over there! You have piles of foreign (to me) white stuff in winter. Her in drought-ridden Cali we haven’t seen much of that in recent years.

    1. It was a quiet place, which we did like very much, and the drive into Seattle proper was really quick. We never got the feeling that this was a place we would enjoy living, though, which seems odd to us. Not that we could ever afford to buy there, but still … fun to dream. The local folks we met during our adventures were friendly, nice, super helpful. I just did not feel the love of the big city, although the scenery was gorgeous. M love, Love, LOVES Mt. Rainer. I can see future visits.

      1. I did! We found your recommendation for take-away stands to be spot on, and honestly many of our meals were consumed that way. We considered nicer dinner place, but in the end we sampled hamburger chains we don’t have (Five Guys) and other local fare. Bainbridge Island was AMAZING, even in the rain. Or maybe especially because of it? Space Needle was closed the day we went, but oh well. Still had a lovely time wandering around the park.

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