While we were in Seattle I sought out something simple to eat for breakfast each day. I love, Love, LOVE Yoplait’s 2% greek yogurt (the lemon is my favorite) with sunflower seeds, but it’s sugar/carb count is a little high. Unfortunately I’m a picky eater and fussy about yogurt, so I am always excited when I find anything that is high in protein even if it is just okay on sugar and carbs.

Except the stores we went to did not seem to stock the Yoplait brand of greek yogurt. Maybe it’s banned in Washington state? I went to my next not very good solution – cereal or instant oatmeal – and stumbled across Bare Naked honey almond granola. It seemed like a good choice with 10g of protein and only 12g carbs and 5g sugar. I went back to the yogurt aisle and selected Dannon’s light-and-fit greek yogurt. At 80 calories per single serving container, 12g protein, 9g carbs and 7g sugar it seemed a good choice. Mixed with granola and some ground cinnamon, it should be a simple, quick, and filling breakfast … IF I would eat it. A leap of faith if there ever was one.

It’s absolutely delicious and is now my new go-to daily breakfast (along with a piece of fruit) and quick pick-me-up snack. Even M, who does not especially like yogurt but does enjoy the Yoplait greek version, really likes this light-and-fit vanilla.

So now I am seriously expecting they will either discontinue the yogurt or the granola. Or I will find there is some cancer-causing ingredient in one or both. Because that just seems to be what happens to me and food. I find something that seems healthy and tastes good to me and then something happens to eradicate it from my life.

The granola itself does not seem to be stocked at any of my local grocery stores, so I had to order it from Amazon. Only at Amazon it’s an “add on” product, meaning I can only buy it when purchasing $25 of something else. Rarely is that an issue, because I’m always ordering something from Amazon, but it is just another manifestation of bad karma or the universe plotting against me. So with my cases of fluffbucket food, I thought I ordered 2 bags of the granola. The order was delivered today, and I had actually ordered 12 bags of the granola. In a rush, happy fingers strike again.

Oh well. Halloween is next month; I can always hand out bags of granola in a pinch. It’s much better than our usual full size candy bars, but I think the neighbor kids will be disappointed.

In case you’re suspicious about my motives in promoting yogurt and granola, please relax. I was not compensated in any way for mentioning these items in this post. I feel fortunate to have found something that works well for me and am hoping the karmic universe will take pity and not remove themΒ from my grasp anytime soon.

9 thoughts on “Food and waiting for the other shoe to drop

  1. Hi Janellevyou have me laughing about competent action for yoghurt and motives seriously though there are so many choices for yoghurt I remember I used to buy the wallaby yoghurt and some pot yoghurt from whole foods that I seriously liked but as I now don’t eat yoghurt and don’t live near a whole foods I have abstained. Don’t feel guilty about what you enjoy unless it poses a health risk like diabetes

    Take care char

    1. Hey Char, I see that periodically on other blogs, and I can see why we have all become so jaded. I’m not crazy for yogurt, but I am always in search of quick and easy breakfast foods. For whatever reason that’s my toughtest meal of the day – either I don’t feel like eating at all or I am running late for something. This solution works, and since I am one of those people who can eat the same thing day after day after day it’s all good.

  2. LOL – 12 not 2. It happens! So how are your BS readings after this combo? And does it make you feel satisfied/fueled? I am a super picky yogurt eater – lately it has been Brown Cow Whole Milk Vanilla – just a half up each morning -very satisfying. I had a greek yogurt today (wish I knew the name) that was actually good – so may try one of them as well – compare calories/protein/etc.

    1. It’s been AMAZING for my BS readings – lunch time I’m between 75 and 100, whereas before I was lucky to be less than 150 on a good day. I also have a piece of fruit with it and my single cup of coffee (with a dollop of fat-free milk and a single teaspoon of ovaltine) every day. I do feel satisfied by it – I allow myself 5 hours before the alarm starts plinging that I need to test and to eat. Our first meeting J turned me on to this “diet” book by Georgie Fear called “Lean Habits” and it is slowly but surely transforming the way I eat. Right now I’m primarily focused on Habit 1 – 3 meals per day, no snacking. This is day 12 of success with that. I get the snackies in the afternoons, because I’m bored or need a break from work or am feeling deserving of something, and now when I get that feeling I get up and walk around and drink a glass of water. That has been the hardest habit to break with regard to eating.
      I’m picky about yogurt as well and was afraid to try the greek yogurt. The Yoplait 2% is delicious (to me and to M), but higher in sugar and carbs that I want, so it’s been relegated to the “treat” list. The Dannon light and fit I’ve been eating is better in calories, fat, carbs/sugar, but might not be to your taste. I’d recommend buying a single serve cup (5.3 oz.) of it to see if you like it. M and I buy the big tubs (M refers to those as “single size” for him), and that’s fine for weekends and if I am home, but I have been buying the 4 packs of single serves for on the go.

  3. Please I have to buy three different types of yogurt in this house since everyone likes a different kind. And I think there are two girls at my house hoping you share your 12 bags of granola around. We go through granola, yogurt and frozen fruits for breakfast like crazy. But really 12 bags? Well at least it wasn’t 12 chairs or something really big πŸ™‚

    1. It was the happy fingers! I was trying to get fluffbucket food ordered and had to find the specific flavors they like. As it is I ended up ordering 4 cases (24 cans per case) of food instead of the usual 2, plus the 12 bags of granola. But I think something can be arranged to get some transferred from my house to yours. πŸ™‚

      1. yaaaaaa just make sure its granola and not fluff bucket food. That’s a little to natural πŸ˜‰

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