It has been a weekend of big and little events, none of which warrant a stand-alone post.

  • The new bed. M and I pulled the trigger and ordered the Reverie bed we first saw just before our trip to Seattle last month. There was another roadshow at Costco this week – again just before we leave town for a week – but in the time between our first views of it and Friday we had wandered through other bed stores, talked about, laid down on, and contemplated other brands. In the end, we liked the Reverie best. We went back to Costco on Friday night and basically grilled the poor salesman at the display about the bed and got all our questions answered satisfactorily, wrote up an order, and plunked down the American Express to pay for it. In 4 to 5 weeks our new bed should be delivered and set-up. We are presently discussing the logistics of moving our present king size bed to the guest room, disposing of our queen size guest bedroom bed, and our plans to rearrange our bedroom.
  • Other Shopping. I was out and about yesterday while M was at his old friend’s memorial service. I was on the hunt for new yoga pants, and based on a recommendation from another blogger, went to Nordstrom to see their Zella brand in person. They are pretty nice, were on sale, and tempted me into a pair of capris and a pair of ankle-length, along with a few cute tops. Except I am now having second thoughts. The pants are cute, functional, and I will enjoy them very much, and it’s gratifying because they fit now. Which is the sum total of my entire problem: they fit NOW, and I am working hard at reshaping my overall shape. These are far and away from anything I actually need right now, because I have workout pants that fit fine right now (these were not quite so comfortable a month ago) and others that will limp along for at least a little while longer until the are officially way too big. These impulsive purchases are going back. I can buy them again in a few months when my smaller sizes are getting loose. I did buy 2 pairs of Balaga hidden comfort running socks (I am a huge fan of these socks for working out), because I find the workout shoes I have finally settled on (after 7 different pairs) work better with a thicker sock than I typically wear.
  • Other returns. I have shamelessly been taking advantage of 365 day return policy with shoes and such. I am careful when test driving shoes, wearing them only inside the gym or at home and always with socks while I am still deciding if the shoes are staying or going back. I have had one pair for about 2 months now, and I believe it was them that started me on the foot pain that escalated during our Seattle trip, so they are now boxed and ready to be picked up by UPS. A North Face crossbody bag that I got for Seattle and our trip to the Reno Air Races this week is also being returned after 3 months in my possess, used precisely one time. Once was enough to make me realize (1) it’s shaped very strangely, (2) it barely holds my minimum amount of must-have stuff, and (3) it’s strap irritates my neck to the point it looks like someone tried to cut my throat. Back it goes.
  • Exercise at the gym. I was at the gym yesterday meeting alone with the new weight machine J introduced me to on Thursday. He’s slacking in that I still do not have my cheat sheet (not really, but I’ll be giving him a ration of shit about it tomorrow morning), but I was proud of myself in remembering each of the movements. Getting the right amount of weight is tricky, as I suspected it would be, but after a few tries with each I finally got something that was comfortable for me. Unfortunately I forgot to bring a pen and paper to write it down for the second set, so I winged it again and mostly got it right the first time. Another thing I had not considered, since J was the one making the changes on the machine – he is a couple of inches taller than I am and it seemed so effortless to reach up and change the position of the cable pulley set-up. I’m a couple of inches shorter than he at 5’5″, and I had to stand on tippy toes and really pull to make get the pin out. But I managed without having to ask for help or go find something to boost me up to reach it. However, borrowing handles from another unused machine required that I climb up onto the bench (I put my towel down on it) to retrieve the handles.
  • Exercise at home. From the gym I came home and did floor exercises, specifically bear planks. Collapsed in a heap on my living room floor after a few of those, I realized the exercise is hard yet my satisfaction outweighs my dread. Part of the reason I have been working so hard at perfecting bear planks and other things I presently have a hate on for is to make objective decisions about my disdain. Do I hate them because I am just so weak and therefore they are really hard or would I just prefer something else? The jury is still out.
  • Eating. I previously mentioned I have been reading and trying to implement Georgie Fear’s “Lean Habits” and trying to be gazelle intense toward the 3 meals daily, no snaking. I made it 13 days, broke the snacking rule in a very big way. Godiva chocolate, you are my absolute nemesis! While I could blame my failure on low blood sugar (I let myself get to 54 before consuming a turkey and cheese sandwich), truth is that every single time I go to the mall alone I am weak, falter, and give in to the call of the Godiva store. Every. Single. Time. One would think that knowing this about myself I would simply avoid the store, but the addict in me was already plotting and planning and imagining the taste of that chocolate on my tongue the moment I decided to use the time for solo shopping. While it was only 2 small pieces of chocolate, it was more than an hour after my meal and therefore broke my 3 meals daily habit streak. My latest rule about sugar and treats is that I have to consume it within the context of a meal – like dessert – if I am going to have any at all, and it had been working out pretty well during the 13 consecutive days. Today is a new day and I start over again, despite going on vacation in a few days. I am already thinking about, planning meals for our hours at the air races and hope to return with a new streak intact.
  • Work, chores, balance. This week and this weekend represents a turning point of sorts for the work-life balance. I have been very busy with work, had my daughter her working on various tasks during her non-job days, and still managed to get some fun things done during the week and this weekend. Today is all about laundry, reviewing some tasks from last week, writing a report, and preparing for the meetings I have Monday and Tuesday before our departure on Tuesday evening. While I am away I expect a few phone calls, probably a few more emails, but nothing urgent unless something unexpected occurs. I actually feel a lot more relaxed and prepared to be away this time, which is a step in the right direction. If only I could find a way to make laundry wash, dry, and fold itself so I could do something else that is a lot more fun.

That’s my weekend thus far, and I must admit it has been strangely exhilarating and satisfying to work some, play some, shop and spend money, return things I do not need right now or that do not work for me and get money spent back. Family and friends dinner tonight – M is smoking chicken and steaks – and all is good and well and in balance in my world. I only hope to utilize that statement and feel this way more frequently into the future.

3 thoughts on “Weekend randomness

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Good news on the bed and I thought of you when I was looking at workout clothes today at Nordstrom Rack – and left them behind since like you I want to wait for the next size down! On the Godiva chocolate – that is tough. If someone else had been with you would you have stopped? How many bear planks must you do to counter 2 pieces of Godiva? Good work though on planning for meals and such at the airshow – being away from home always makes things harder. Glad this weekend was better for you!

    1. If M or anyone else had been with me I would have cruised right by without a second thought. Because I was alone, though, I was weak and gave in. But I console myself that it was two pieces of chocolate, carefully selected from the case (one milk chocolate caramel coin, one dark chocolate mint) rather than something so much worse. And how did you know I was bear planking until I dropped last night? 🙂
      Things are getting easier, more streamlined. The world does not end, clients do not fire me if I stick to my quoted timelines and schedules. If I’m able to be ahead of the curve and deliver early, great! If I deliver “only” on time, it’s still a win. The self-employment lessons are starting to take hold.

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